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Geneva Exhibition

Two Gold and Two Silver Medals Won at the World’s Largest Inventor’s Tradeshow!

Creative minds from all over the world met April 2nd - 6th in Geneva, Switzerland to show off their inventions. There was a strong response to the natural, Hygienic Wood products presented by the Wilms company featuring the benefits of pine heartwood. Four patents - four awards! An excellent outcome at the Geneva Exhibition of Inventions for Wilms Hygienic Wood.

GENEVA - About 1,000 new ideas were viewed by over 65,000 visitors at the Geneva Exhibition of Inventions, as it opened in the first week of April. With more than 700 exhibitors from 45 countries, it is represented as the world’s largest fair of its kind.

There was considerable interest in Wilms Hygienic Wood at the Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. At the booth, in addition to current products, were visions of the future based on the hygienic effect of pine heartwood. There was, among other things, a patented air filter using the hygienic properties of the wood. Also an excellent idea winning a gold medal is the possibility of using special products from pine heartwood to challenge the growing problem of mildew in homes. Here the mold-reducing and moisture exchanging properties of the wood can be used in an effective, natural way.

In addition was the award-winning zero-emission stall for raising chickens. An illustrative model was used to explain how Hygienic Wood affected the health of animals, and how this unique wood helps barn climate and reduce the impact of emissions.

"The fair was a great opportunity with an audience very interested in our products and ideas involving Hygienic Wood.The enormous popularity and the four awards received show that we are on the right track with our new pine heartwood technology!" commented CEO Heinrich Wilms.

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