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Product Details

Breakfast Board
28 x 20 x 1.8 cm
Product Number: 10009-2
Price: 25.25 €
incl. 16% VAT, plus Shipping Cost Availability: In Stock
Wilms Frühstücksbrett - gesunder Start in den Tag!

The Breakfast Board made of Wilms® Hygienic Wood - high quality and distinctive.

The combination of traditional form and the extraordinary effect of pine heartwood make this breakfast board unique. This handy board is ideal for breakfast and snacks.

Naturally Effective
Das Holz mit antibakteriellen Eigenschaften
The wood with antibacterial

Hygienic Wood uses the extraordinary antibacterial properties of pine heartwood. Recent studies show that pine heartwood rids itself of bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses in a very short period of time. Even in the deepest cracks where bacteria grow on other materials, Hygienic Wood naturally rids itself of the pathogens. But the boards are not only ideal because of their hygienic nature. They also look great to use as platters when serving food!

  • Naturally hygienic – antibacterial and germ-reducing
  • Clean even in the deepest cracks
  • Promotes a natural ambience in the kitchen
  • Gentle for knife blades

Astonishing Results

The effect of pine heartwood doesn’t come from the individual ingredients of the wood, but rather that these ingredients are combined with eachother. The effect of the wood has now been proven in numerous independent university studies. Although some scientists couldn’t believe their eyes, their studies proved that Hygienic Wood is significantly more hygienic plastic, metal or glass. It destroys germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi within a short period of time.


Wood and hygiene - no contradiction! Wood is clearly more hygienic than plastic.

ÖKO-TEST (9/2005)
Wood is Antibacterial

Here are some summaries of previous studies on the hygiene of wood:

  • Germ reduction by Wilms® VitalWood compared to other materials, Summary
  • Hygienic and phytosanitary properties of wood and wood products, Summary
  • Wood and Hygiene - A Contradiction? Summary

High Quality and Individuality

All boards are handmade. The side boards are glued wood with no unnecessary slants or grooves which would affect not only the appearance but also the surface of the wood. The wood is finely sanded and used without any type of sealer or oil as this would reduce the hygienic properties of the wood.

The wood is certified by PEFC, meaning that it comes from sustainably managed forests.

Easy to use
Leicht zu reinigen – auch spülmaschinengeeignet
Easy to clean – can be
put in the dishwasher

Cleaning: All boards are dishwasher safe. However, just by brushing off and rinsing the boards under running water they are sufficiently cleaned. A steel scratcher can be used for tough, stuck-on food.

Surface: The boards can be used on both sides and are not covered by any type of sealer or oil. The wood is finely sanded and used without any type of sealer or oil as this would reduce the hygienic properties of the wood.

Duration: The hygienic effect of the wood remains for a minimum of 41 months. This was the length of a scientific study done on the boards. It is however assumed that the wood is effective well beyond this time period.

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