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HygienicWood Nest Felts
Ø 22 cm
Product Number: 10122
Price: 1.80 €
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Naturally effective & health promoting

Enormously absorbent, antibacterial and particularly breathable. HygienicWood nest felts offer a unique opportunity to protect pigeons from pathogens.

The chippings are specifically short-fibred chippings. Due to the short way of the water to the surface they enable fast moisture absorption and thus fast absorption of germs and bacteria.

Recent studies have proven that pine heartwood in particular is able to kill bacteria, germs but also fungi and viruses within the shortest space of time. The patented refining process once again intensifies these properties.

Advantages of HygienicWood Nest Felts:

  • Antibacterial and germ reducing – is effective against aspergillus & bumblefoot (pododermatitis)
  • Enormously absorbent
  • Breathable
  • Robust and thus very durable

Tested and confirmed

The German Institute of Food Technology (DIL) in Quakenbrück was commissioned to carry out a study in order to determine to what extent Wilms HygienicWood chippings have an effect on animal health. For this purpose pine heartwood chipping mats were compared with cardboard inserts commonly used in chicken breeding. The results substantiate an enormous antibacterial effect of the fundamentally new pad: the bacterial titer (the overall number of germs) on the pine wood chipping mats was lower by more than two powers of ten than on the commonly used cardboard inserts. Additionally, the DIL recently confirmed an effect on aspergillus germs.

Summaries of previous studies on the subject of HygeniecWood:

  • Wilms HygienicWood – Use against aspergillosis?, 2009 Summary PDF
  • Wilms HygienicWood against ball-of-foot diseases Abstract Summary PDF

Thereby HygienicWood in the form of chippings has a substantial influence on the health of pigeons. Using Wilms HygienicWood in animal keeping can significantly improve the state of health of animals. Besides a reduction of the overall number of germs, the wood has a positive influence on the ambient atmosphere. The improved state of health of the animals also means a reduction of medication requirements.

Wilms HygienicWood chipping mat / nest felt consist of a multitude of specifically short-fibred pine heartwood chippings which are compressed to form a breathable fabric. This structure enables maximum effectiveness and ensures elasticity of the mat. The substrate consists of a wide-mesh fabric onto which chippings are spread.

This nest felt is suitable for almost all nest bowls.
Diameter: 22 cm, Thickness approx. 7 mm

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