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PineFauna Restorative Gel
100ml spray bottle
Product Number: 10090
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Effective and easy to use

Wilms Restorative Gel - with the naturally effective ingredients of pine heartwood.

The Wilms PineFauna Restorative Gel is suitable for caring and protective purposes, but particularly for the relief of skin irritations such as itching, rash or allergic reactions.

The main ingredient of the gel is the extract of pine heartwood which is proven to be effective against bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses.

The 100ml bottle with dispenser is suitable for the treatment of small areas of animals’ skin. It’s the ideal size for taking on the road.

Ideal für Pferde - bei Kribbelmücke, Ekzemen oder Mauke
Ideal for horses - rids black flies,
eczema and malanders
Universally applicable

PineFauna Restorative Gel is suitable to care for and protect the skin as well as to relieve skin irritations. Simply apply the gel to the desired area of skin and rub it in. The gel-like consistency of this product makes it is easy to use and very effective.

Lindernd bei Juckreiz & anderen Haut- bzw. Fellleiden
Soothes itching and other
skin or fur problems

For horses, the Restorative Gel is especially ideal for mites, black flies, eczema, malanders...

For dogs, cats and small animals the gel is used for mite infestation, itching, soreness and bald spots...

The gel can be applied to all skin irritations and for diseases - especially those based on fungi, germs, bacteria and/or viruses.

Wirksam gegen Krankheitserreger – Kiefernkernholz
Pine heartwood -
Effective against germs
The natural power of pine heartwood

Recent studies show that pine heartwood eliminates bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses in a short period of time. This effect has been confirmed through numerous studies conducted by many research institutions. The Federal Biological Institute for Agriculture and Forestry in Braunschweig demonstrated that pine heartwood eliminates bacteria and germs.

PinusFauna – wirksam durch den Kiefernkernholz-Extrakt
PineFauna – effective through
use of the pine heartwood extract

The gel is made of the pine heartwood extract and also contains a small amount of pine needle oil. Sodium carbomer, which is commonly used in skincare products such as aloe vera gel, is used as a gelling agent.

PineFauna Restorative Gel protects, nourishes and soothes animals’ skin and fur.

Ingredients INCI:
Water, pine heartwood ingredients, Sodium Carbomer, pine needle oil.

PineVital Restorative Gel is also available in 500ml and 1000ml.

If possible, store in a cool location and use within six months.

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