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Hygienic Wood Perch and Surface Material
Rolls - custom sizes - Base price/m²
Product Number: 30015
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The antibacterial perch and surface material

A falcon‘s health depends heavily on the material used for perching and walking surfaces. They have a difficult time living on moist surfaces with bacteria and allergens which often cause long-term health damage. This is why it is so important to find a suitatble material. Wilms pine heartwood products provide a naturally antibacterial alternative for falcons – Works against Aspergillus and Pododermatitis.

The chips are made of pine heartwood which absorbs moisture, and in turn, germs, fungi, viruses, etc. Once absorbed, the wood effectively eliminates these foreign bodies.

Recent studies show that the contents of pine heartwood rapidly eliminate bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses within a short period of time. Through a patented process developed by the Wilms company, these properties once again are intensified.

The advantages of Hygienic Wood in aviaries:
  • Antibacterial and germ-reducing - Works against Aspergillus & Pododermatitis
  • Extremely absorbant
  • Dust-free
  • Odor-neutralizing

Tested and Approved

The German Institute of Food Technologies in Quakenbrück, Germany, conducted a study to determine to what extent Wilms Hygienic Wood chips impact a bird or animal’s health. The use of the wood chips under the feet of the chickens was compared to the current method of using paper. The results show that the Wilms Hygienic Wood chips reduce the amount of bacteria tremendously when compared to standard conditions.

Here are some summaries of previous studies on Hygienic Wood:

  • Wilms Hygienic Wood Useful against Aspergillosis?, 2009 Summary
  • Wilms Hygienic Wood against foot diseases Summary

Using Wilms pine heartwood for surfaces where falcons perch and walk, makes a significant impact on their health. Besides the reduction of bacteria, fungi and mites, the wood influences the environment of the entire aviary in a positive way. The Hygienic Wood mats are also ideal for the walls and flooring of aviaries. They absorb moisture and are odor-eliminating. Due to considerably improved health, falcons living on Hygienic Wood often need less medication and medical treatments.

Individual solutions

Pine heartwood is available as loose chips and also in mat form.

These new chips are small, blunt and pressed onto a flexible base material. The mat has a thickness of .3 inches and a standard width of 3.3 feet, although other lengths and widths can also be specially ordered giving the mats a wide range of possibilities.

The length is variable, thereby allowing the mats to be used for a wide range of applications.

The wood chips are available in different package sizes – there are small quantities and also large containers filled for commercial use.

For cleaning tips, please take a look at our Information Kit.

We will be happy to give an individual and non-binding estimate:


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