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Product Details

PinusVital Liquid Care 200ml
Product Number: 10201-1
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Beruhigt und stärkt
PinusVital – Zur Verbesserung des Hautbildes
PineVital – To improve
the skin's surface
PineVital Extract

Wilms® PineVital is a 100% natural skincare product which uses the natural ingredients of pine heartwood. Recent studies show that the extract improves skin significantly. It refreshes, soothes and strengthens it.

  • Protects and maintains
  • Soothing for skin irritations, itching and skin diseases
  • 100% natural - without additives: fragrance free, plant-based, no dyes

Wilms® PineVital cares for and protects the skin, while also relieving irritations. Just by spraying the pine heartwood extract on the skin, its nutrients take effect. The nonviscous consistency allows the extract to be quickly absorbed.

Wohltuend für die Haut – auch bei Hautleiden
Beneficial for the skin

Wilms® PineVital uses the natural ingredients of pine heartwood for the protection and care of your skin. The purely natural extract is refreshing, soothing and strengthening.

Because of this, PineVital is suitable for care of neurodermitis, psoriasis and other skin irritations. It is also effective in treating Athlete's Foot and nail fungi. The use of PineVital is also a great way to care for the scalp, taking away dandruff, providing itch relief and at the same time, delivering beneficial nutrients to the hair. It also relieves the itch caused by insect bites. Read about the experiences our customers have had in our forum.

The 200ml spray bottle is ideal for daily skincare. Spraying the extract onto the skin allows the natural ingredients to make a positive impact. It is ideal for sensitive skin areas because it doesn’t need to be rubbed in by hand.

  • Ideal for daily care
  • Apply by spraying generously

The wood with antibacterial properties
The wood with antibacterial
The Natural Power of Pine Heartwood

Pine heartwood has built its power through hundreds of generations of nature. Because of its unique wood, the trees remain healthy. Recent studies have shown that pine heartwood is effective against bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses. This was proven by the Federal Biological Institute for Agriculture and Forestry in Braunschweig among others.

Scientists agree that a combination of many ingredients is responsible for the positive effects of pine heartwood. The rule here, like everywhere in nature, is synergy — an ideal combination of ingredients that produces an extraordinary effect through careful, sensitive processing.

Tests show significant improvement
Tests show significant
Tested and Approved

Prof. Dr. Michael Jünger of the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University of Greifswald investigated the effects and tolerability of Wilms® pine heartwood on 13 volunteers’ hands, for three weeks. The study focused on the effects the extract had on different types of skin problems. Results of the study: PineVital was shown to give vast improvement to dry, itchy, aging and cracked skin. Significant improvement in skin moisture was also reported.

Here are some summaries of previous studies on the hygiene of wood:

  • Effects of PineVital to red, dry and cracked skin, Summary
  • Effect of the pine heartwood extract on herpes simplex virus type 1, Summary

Ingredients INCI:
Aqua (Water), Pinus Sylvestris (Scots Pine Heartwood) Extract.

Store in a cool place and use within six months after opening.

Natürlich rein – Hautpflege aus der Natur
100% natural skincare
through nature
Composition and Application

Wilms® PineVital Liquid Care is a pure, natural product. It consists of pure water from the Wiehen Mountains in Germany combined with the ingredients of pine heartwood. In a patented procedure, the active ingredients of the wood are transferred to the water. This combination is suitable for the care of skin all over the body. Since PineVital is free of additives it is particularly good for the care of sensitive, dry and itchy skin.

Wilms® PineVital has a nearly the same pH value as skin, making it very well-tolerated.

Dermatologically tested and approved - Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University Greifswald.

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