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Product Details

Hygienic Wood Bowperch
z.B. 900mm x 920mm x 50mm
Product Number: 10103
per Request
The antibacterial perch

The Hygienic Wood Bowperch presents a new way to naturally keep your falcon healthy.

The perch is made of Hygienic Wood which has been proven to resist germs, bacteria and fungi – including those responsible for pododermatitis and aspergillosis. The absorbent and naturally antibacterial wood absorbs and eliminates pathogens quickly making them harmless. Because of this quality, the Hygienic Wood Perch is naturally pure and dry which is a large contrast to traditional perches which readily hold moisture and create ideal living conditions for bacteria and fungi.

The solid wood bowperch has grooves that give falcons added support, allowing them to grip more easily.

The Hygienic Wood Mat that prevents the falcon from flying through the center of the perch also purifies the air, lowering the level of pathogens in the falcon’s environment.

The Advantages of the Hygienic Wood Perch:
  • Antibacterial and germ-reducing: effective against aspergillus and pododermatitis
  • Air purifying and odor neutralizing for a healthier environment

Care and Cleaning

Bird droppings on the wood are easy to clean off. The wood will absorb the moisture allowing what’s left to be simply brushed off. Under the bowperch, we recommend using a Hygienic Wood Mat. Just as the wood on the bowperch itself, the mats have the same absorbant quality making cleaning easy. The wood’s great advantage is hygiene and easy cleaning!

Tested and confirmed

In a study conducted by the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL) in Quakenbrück, the extent of the effect that Wilms Hygienic Wood chips had on animals’ health was assessed. One group of chicks had bedding material made of Hygienic Wood and the other had conventional materials. Results show the huge anti-bacterial advantage of pine heartwood over the common bedding material. A further study confirmed by DIL shows that the wood is also effective against aspergillus pathogens.

Here are some summaries of previous studies on Hygienic Wood:

  • Wilms Hygienic Wood - Effective Against Aspergillosis? 2009 Summary
  • Wilms Hygienic Wood - Rids Foot Diseases Summary

Hygienic Wood products have considerable influence on the health of falcons. The use of Wilms Hygienic Wood in the raising birds and other animals can greatly improve their health. Besides reducing the total amount of pathogens in an environment, the wood also has a positive influence on the climate of an aviary. Due to the improved health of the birds, the need for medication is also reduced.

In all sizes

All sizes and styles are available upon request.

Finished bowperches have dimensions of: height 900mm, width 920mm, depth 50mm

Large Wooden Cover: Height 560mm, Width 920mm, Depth 50mm

Small Wooden Cover: Height 215mm, Width 660mm, Depth 50mm

For a small additional charge we can create a bowperch according to your individual specifications.

We'll happily give you an individual estimate:


Telephone: 0049 (0) 5427 92 25 0

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