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Swine Flu

Swine Flu in Mexico!

An attack on your skin and mucous membranes!

The Influenza A virus is capable of triggering pandemics.

The flu is often transfered when small droplets of saliva from an infected person are passed while talking, sneezing, coughing or touching.

The pathogen enters the respiratory tract, passes through the mucous membranes and penetrates into the mucosal cells of the respiratory path.

We have a solution!


Wilms PineVital

This line of care products uses the protective and nurturing qualities of pine.

They strengthen your skin’s protective barrier so that bacteria and viruses don’t stand a chance!

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Wilms PineSalt

The positive ingredients of pine combined with ancient sea salt from Bad Essen, Germany.

Keep your airways free of viruses and bacteria by:

- Inhalation

- Gargling

- Nasal irrigation

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For professionals:

A study was completed on the effectiveness of the pine heartwood extract against the Influenza A virus!

PDF download: Summary PDF Complete Study PDF

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