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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Hygienic Wood

  • What exactly is Hygienic Wood?

    As the name suggests, Hygienic Wood is an extremely pure, antibacterial wood. It uses the contents of pine heartwood as its strength. The core of the pine has special ingredients which are proven to be resistant against bacteria and germs. Through a patented procedure, this natural protection of the pine wood is strengthened.

  • What does Hygienic Wood consist of?

    Hygienic Wood is made exclusively of pine heartwood. Pine wood and especially the core (heartwood) has been proven to have an antibacterial effect.

  • What is pine heartwood?

    Heartwood forms at the center of the trunk. With pine, heartwood is recognizable by the dark coloring. This part of the tree is particularly resistant to germs, bacteria and fungus.

    Stammquerschnitt Kiefernholz

  • What is the difference between Pine Heartwood and Hygienic Wood?

    Hygienic Wood is pine heartwood that has gone through the Wilms patented treatment procedure. This procedure intensifies the antibacterial power of the heartwood.
    During this procedure the wood becomes more absorbent so that germs and bacteria are quickly transported into the wood where they are killed.

  • How does Hygienic Wood work?

    Because the wood is a porous and hygroscopic material, it deprives the bacteria of the moisture needed for activity and reproduction.
    This, in conjunction with the contents of the wood, kills off any bacteria that the wood may have come in contact with. Two particularly effective contents of the wood are terpenes and Pinosylvin. The speed of germ reduction and the antibacterial effect of wood depend on how fast the bacteria and other pathogens entered the wood.

  • How long do the hygienic properties of the wood remain effective?

    The germicidal effect is permanent - remaining even after several years.
    Even though the scent of the pine wood will diminish over time, the hygienic effect remains.

  • What products made of Hygienic Wood are currently available?

    Hygienic Mats:
    - Bed Mat – used as a mattress cover – fights house mites and aids in deeper sleep
    - Bath Mat – used as a floor mat in front of the bath tub, shower, sink, in the sauna, etc.

    Solid Wood Products:
    - For the office: Desk cover, Pen with cap/holder, keyboard, etc.
    - For the kitchen: Cutting board, breakfast board, etc.

    Pine Gold:
    - Apply to body for healthy skin (for external use only)

Questions about the Hygienic Mats

  • What are the Hygienic Mats made of?

    Wood Chips
    The mats are made from small chips of pine heartwood and zirbe wood.

    Zirbe Portion
    Each mat is made of a certain percentage of Zirbe wood. Zirbe is a type of pine and therefore has a similar effect to that of pine heartwood.

    Inner Material
    The inner material of the mat is made of strong, elastic Polyester. This thin, middle layer holds the mat together.
    Since polyester does not absorb water, it also does not attract bacteria or germs.

    Outer Covering
    The outer shell is made of thin, durable polyester. This serves as a protective cover layer for the Hygienic Wood.
    Polyester does not absorb water, and also does not attract bacteria or germs.

    The adhesive used is a special adhesive used in both the manufacturing of mattresses and also food packaging. It is odorless and fume-free.

  • Why is the wood in the form of small chips?
    The Wilms Hygienic Wood Bath Mats are made up of many tiny pieces of wood. This is because the larger the surface area, the greater the effect on germs and bacteria. The wood soaks up moisture and takes in germs and bacteria where they are quickly killed. Due to the large number of small chips, the effective surface of the wood is significantly enlarged.

  • Are the mats environmentally friendly?

    Because wood is a natural material, the mat is almost completely biodegradable. The other materials account for only a fraction of the content and are recyclable.

  • What is the best way to dispose of the mat?

    Since the mat is made of almost 100% wood, it can be used as fuel in a wood-burning stove or composted. The outer cover can be recycled.

The Bed Mat

  • Advantages of the Bed Mat!

    Reduces Sleep Disturbances
    The natural contents of the Wilms Hygienic Wood reduce sleep disturbandces and improve the recovery process to complete nights of sleep.

    Reduces the number of mites
    Products made of Wilms Hygienic Wood naturally create an unfavorable environment for mites; therefore, substantially lowering the risk of allergic reactions.

    Provides relief for the heart and circulatory system
    During normal sleep, the heart relaxes saving approximately 3,500 beats which is the equivalent of one hour of normal pumping. Through use of a Wilms Hygienic Mat, the heart and breathing cycle are less stressed and even allow better regeneration.

    Speeds the body’s recovery process
    The wood’s natural materials cause a higher level of sleep efficiency allowing faster relaxation.

    Regulates temperature – Less sweating!
    The characteristics of the mat allow it to take in moisture and deplete humidity. This leads to a more pleasant atmosphere under the blankets.

    Trains the Senses
    The uneven surface of the Hygienic Wood Chip Mat stimulates the nerves. This effect calms the nervous system and promotes good blood circulation.

  • How do I use the Bed Mat?

    Put the Bed Mat directly on top of the mattress and attach using the elastic clips – directions are included in the package. Once the mat is secured to the mattress, cover it with the bottom sheet and continue to make the bed as normal. The mat remains under the bottom sheet and out of sight.

  • What is the difference between the Standard and Premium Bed Mats?

    The main element of the mats (the four woodchip mat inserts) is the same.

    Standard-Bed Mat: The four wood chip mat inserts are in one large sleeve where they each have a separate compartment.

    Premium-Bed Mat: The four wood chip mat inserts are individually covered and then put into a high quality sleeve. These individually covered mats can then be changed. The replacement mats are called Universal Mats and are available in packages of two.

    With the Standard mat, the sleeper is closer to the natural wood. For those wanting to keep a little more distance between themselves and the wood, the Premium Mat is ideal.
    Many test sleepers have reported that the Premium Mat is warmer and therefore particularly good for winter!

  • How can the Bed Mats be cleaned?

    Since the Wilms Hygienic Wood Mats are naturally antibacterial, they do not need to be cleaned. Furthermore, larger dirt particles will be kept away by the sheet.

    If you would still like to clean your mat, we suggest doing it with a damp rag.
    The care instructions are also located on the packaging and in an enclosed flyer.

  • Are the mats made for all bed sizes?

    The mats are made to be compatable with all standard bed sizes.

  • Do the mats come in different thicknesses?

    Many different thicknesses were produced and tested, but we came to the conclusion that 5 mm is the optimal thickness.

  • How long do the Bed Mats last?

    If a mat is used every night, it is best for one to two years. When used on a more seldom basis the lifespan increases.
    Since the Premium Mats are made up of four Universal Mats which can be continually replaced, the overall life of the mat is extended each time a mat is replaced. If the two center mats trade slots with the outer head/foot mats, this will also extend the life of the mat.

  • How long do the hygienic properties of the mats remain effective?

    The germicidal effect is permanent - remaining even after several years.
    Even though the scent of the pine wood will diminish over time, the hygienic effect remains.

The Bath Mat

  • The Advantages of the Bath Mat!

    Provides optimal protection against foot fungus
    The effective ingredients of the wood are activated when the mats are walked on. This keeps feet germ-free and protected against foot fungus.

    Reduces the amount of germs and bacteria
    Through the natural hygienic contents of the wood, bacteria and germs have no chance to grow on the hygienic wood mats like they do on cloth or plastic.

    Naturally regulates the climate in your bathroom
    Pine Heartwood absorbs humidity quickly, returning the air to its normal status. The effect is the natural adjustment of the climate in your bathroom.

    Traps moisture – Keeps your feet dry
    The strong, moisture retaining qualities of the wood are increased through the Wilms patented procedure. Because of this the mat quickly and effectively dries your feet.

    The calming scent of essential oils
    Besides being germ- and bacteria-free, the wood adds a refreshing scent to the air while helping control the climate of the room.

    Naturally Massages
    The uneven surface of the Hygienic Wood Chips activates the nerves on the feet. This stimulating effect calms the nervous system and energizes the blood circulation in muscles and the connective tissues.

    Slip resistant
    The special surface texture of the outer material on the mats makes them slip resistant. The use of this product therefore increases the level of safety in your bathroom.

  • In which sizes are the bath mats available?

    There are two sizes available:
    1.5 x 1.4 ft (460 x 430 mm) – Bath Mat
    2.8 x 1.5 ft (850 x 460 mm) – Universal Mat

    Mats per package: 2

  • Where and how can I use the bath mat?

    You can use your mat in any way you want. Normally, the Bath Mats are used in front of the shower, tub or wash basin as a floor mat. They are also often used in saunas and can be used anywhere you would like a hygienic surface.

    Because of the contents and structure of the Hygienic Wood Chip Mats, they dry quickly and do not need to be hung like normal bath mats.

  • How long do the bath mats last?

    If the mat is used after bathing more than a normal amount, for example by many people in a larger family, the life span of the mat is about half a year.
    Through normal use, the lifespan of the mats is approximately one year. However, when not used regularly, the mats generally last for about two years.
    The lifespan of the mat can also be extended by occasionally turning the mat over.

  • How do I Take Care of my Hygienic Wood Chip Mat?

    Since the Wilms Hygienic Wood Chip Mats are natually antibacterial, they do not need to be cleaned. If you would still like to clean your mat, we suggest doing it with a damp rag.
    The care instructions are also located on the packaging and in an enclosed flyer. After use, you can leave your mat on the floor to dry. It is a natural product that dries quickly. If your bathroom floor is heated from below, the mat dries even faster.

  • Does the antibacterial and germ-killing effect diminish after time?

    The characteristics of the Hygienic Wood and their effect are proven to remain for over 41 months.
    After that initial time period, the effect will slowly diminish.

  • What references do you have?

    Numerous families are already using Wilms Hygienic Mats. Many people with foot fungus have reported that use of the mat either reduced or completely eliminated their fungus problem.

Pine Gold

  • What is Wilms Pine Gold made of?

    The ingredients of Wilms Pine Gold are pure water and the natural ingredients of pine heartwood. Wilms Pine Gold is a pure, natural product:
    - no perfumes
    - no dyes
    - no additives

  • How long does Wilms Pine Gold keep?

    When kept in a cool place, out of direct sunlight, Pine Gold lasts for at least one year. After opening, it should be used within six months. The antibacterial and germ-killing effect remains.

    Even after an extended storage period, there would be no negative effects of use.

  • How does Wilms Pine Gold work?

    Pine Gold uses the power of nature, specifically that of pine heartwood. The core of pine wood has special ingredients with a bacteria- and germicidal effect. These ingredients are dissolved in Pine Gold giving the extract an antibacterial, germ-killing and itch-relieving effect.

  • Can Wilms Pine Gold be used for oral hygiene?

    Because the extract is a pure, natural product, many of our customers use it to care for their oral health. Some users spray the throat area with Pine Gold and others gargle with the extract. Many of our customers have reported relief of bleeding gums and gingival inflammation.

    Many users of Pine Gold also use it to prevent inflammation of the throat. If Pine Gold is used in the early onset of a sore throat, it will prevent it from getting worse.

  • Can Wilms Pine Gold be used for hair care?

    Our customers report that using Pine Gold in the hair helps protect against dandruff and relieves an itchy scalp.

  • What impact does Wilms Pine Gold have on nail- and foot fungus?

    When affected areas are sprayed, a rapid improvement is seen. Many people with a fungus problem wash their socks in Pine Gold or soak their feet in it.

  • Does Wilms Pine Gold have a positive effect on viral diseases?

    The University of Munster conducted a study of Pine Gold’s disinfecting characteristics. The study found that Pine Gold effectively fights the herpes virus.

    It also fights the flu!

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