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Empiric reports of our customers

Empiric reports PineVital
Empiric reports PineVital
Download (142 Kb)
Empiric reports PineFauna
Empiric reports PineFauna
Download (274 Kb)
Empiric reports PineFlora
Empiric reports PineFlora
Download (183 Kb)

Information Kit

Infomappe - Gutes fürs Tier
Good for Animals

Information Kit

Download (1353 Kb)

Wilms Hygienic Wood Calendar for Your Desktop





PineVital - Natural Skin and Body Care

The Healthy Skin brochure is dedicated to the pine heartwood extract, PineVital. As the name suggests, the brochure addresses the many advantages to using pine heartwood in this form. There are also research results available inside.

PineSalt for Healthy Skin and Wellbeing

The PineSalt brochure discusses the unique combination of the pine heartwood extracht and salt. It also describes how much of the product you need to alleviate certain symptoms.

Wilms Bed Mat - Enjoy a deeper, healthier sleep

The "Healthy Sleep" brochure details the ways that the Wilms Hygienic Bed Mat improves sleep conditions and affects the body.

Wilms Bath Mat

The “Wilms Bath Mat” brochure shows the ways Wilms Hygienic Wood can be used to prevent and fight foot fungus in the bathroom. There are also excerpts from the research of Hygienic Mats.

PineFauna - Animal Care

The brochure „Animal Care“ concentrates on the positive effects of the pine heartwood extract on skin, fur and feathers. It describes the uses and application tips.

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