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Organic Falcon Country House
Product Number: 20100
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Falcon Health Through Pine Heartwood.

Hygienic Wood aviaries are a novel concept based on the health effects of pine heartwood. The construction and furnishings of the aviary are made of specially constructed pine heartwood logs and chip mats ensuring hygienic conditions.

The Advantages of the Organic Falcon Country House:
  • Healthy indoor environment - effective against Aspergillus
  • Natural air filtration - through the Wilms Hygienic Wood chip mats
  • Naturally hygienic perches – effective against Pododermatitis
  • Naturally antibacterial flooring with additional replaceable Hygienic Wood chip mats
  • Individually handmade, high-quality production - Made in Germany

Besonders natürliches Umfeld: Kein Kunststof, nahezu 100% aus Holz
Special natural environment:
No plastic, nearly 100% wood

Healthy indoor Environment -
actively fights Aspergillus in falcons

As proven by a recent study carried out by the German Institute of Food Technologies, pine heartwood is effective against germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi, particularly Aspergillus. More details are available in the research section of this kit. The antibacterial properties of the wood also improve the quality of the air. The walls are made of Hygienic Wood chip mats. With thousands of chips, the filtering surface is increased, improving circulation and regulating humidity.

Natural Air Filtration through Wilms Hygienic Wood chip mats

The germ-reducing effect of the wood has already been demonstrated in many cases. Hygienic Wood eliminates microorganisms within a short period of time. An investigation by the German Institute of Food Technologies specifically focused on the use of Hygienic Wood for filtering the air. Conclusion: There is a significant reduction of airborne pathogens when using Wilms Hygienic Wood as an air filter.

Small Chips, Big Impact
Hygienic Wood chips, used in the form of mats, enlarge the effective surface area of the wood greatly. On this surface microorganisms are absorbed into the wood and are quickly destroyed. The air is cleaned and microorganisms are kept from entering the falcon’s environment.

Natural Climate Control
The wood chips also balance the climate in the aviary. The mats have an insulating effect to keep temperature fluctuations under control. The hygroscopic properties of the wood also regulate the humidity, again keeping fluctuations in check. This uniform climate adds to the pleasant atmosphere that is so important for the stable state of health for a falcon.

Reduces the Transmission of Bird Flu
It is scientifically proven that the bird flu virus is transported as tiny particles in the air. Therefore, in order to minimize the risk of animal infection, the air needs to be filtered. The risk of spreading the disease is lowered by an increased water content in the air which the Hygienic Wood mats can provide. By keeping the mats moist, they will slowly increase the humidity of the room, lowering the number of pathogens in the air.

gesundes Klima - natürlich rein & ausgeglichen
Healthy environment –
naturally clean & balanced

Germ-Filtering Walls

The walls, which are made of Hygienic Wood chip mats, serve as a constant air filtration system due to the antibacterial, antifungal effect of the wood. Because of this, Aspergillus and other airborne pathogens are significantly reduced, greatly lowering the chance of falcons (and other animals) becoming infected.

antibakteriell und pilzreduzierende Sitzstange - gefertigt aus HygieneHolz Spänematten
Antibacterial and antifungal perch -
made from Hygienic Wood Chip Mats

Naturally Hygienic Perches –
effective against Pododermatitis

The specially made perches are not only ergonomically shaped but also allow the properties of the wood to keep the feet healthy. As was proven in a scientific study, the wood is effective against Pododermatitis and keeps the balls of the feet in good condition.

Read more about this in our research section..

auswechselbare HygieneHolz Spänematten - sorgen für Hygiene unter der Sitzstange
Interchangeable Hygienic Wood
Chip Mats - ensures hygiene
beneath the perches

Naturally Antibacterial Flooring

The bottom of the aviary is made up of Hygienic Wood chip mats. This ensures the quick absorption of moisture, and thereby rapid elimination of pathogens, such as those in feces. The wood ensures a hygienic environment as it absorbs the moisture allowing the ground to dry quickly. Under the perches fecal matter tends to accumulate quickly. For these areas we recommend individual, interchangeable Hygienic Wood mats. The flooring underneath the mats is also Hygienic Wood creating a completely antibacterial, antifungal (Aspergillus-free) environment.

Holz - nachhaltiger Werkstoff - zu 100% ökologisch abbaubar und CO2 neutral
Wood - a sustainable material –
100% biodegradable and CO2 neutral

Individual, handmade, high-quality production - Made in Germany

The aviaries are custom made and adapted to best fit the local conditions.

They are created in Germany and built up on location to ensure maximum quality.

All information is available in the falcon Information Kit.

The assembly of the Organic Falcon Country House

The houses can be ordered with or without furnishings and can be custom designed to fit your individual specifications. Simply contact us:


Telephone: 0049 (0) 5427 92 25 0

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