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Exhibition of Inventions INPEX

Gold medal for Hygienic Wood

Great success on most important US Invention and New Product Exposition INPEX 06.2010

The Wilms Company from Barkhausen (Lower Saxony, Germany) is well-known for its inventiveness. A lot of customers in the region are already convinced and amazed of our products. And so are now the members of the jury of the largest American inventors show INPEX. MThe Wilms Company won “Gold” in the category of “Alternative Medicine”. We displayed the natural health supporting products, all based on pine-heartwood.

The novelties of PineVital Skin and Body Care Series received the most tribute. The product line of the Care Series is based on the natural effective extract of pine heartwood and was just recently enlarged by a bodylotion, a body wash and a natural shampoo. The soothing and alleviating properties of the wood extract convinced the judging panel. In addition to the Care Series, a mite reducing bed mat also contributed to winning the award. The effect of the bed mat was already tested and proven by the German Institute HygieneNord.

This year, the INPEX took place for the 25th time. Every year, numerous international inventors and representatives of the industry come together in order to discuss new ideas. “ I did not expect to win a gold medal on such an important show. We are so encouraged, that our ideas and products made of pine heartwood arouse such a great interest and acknowledgment”, says Heinrich Wilms, CEO of the Wilms Company. Read more about the products.


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