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Sustainability and Quality

Environment, nature and entrepreneurial ecological responsibility

Wilms Hygienic Wood is committed to maintaining a responsible attitude toward the environment.

We strive to protect natural resources and the environment - especially in the processing of natural raw materials such as wood. We are obliged to take care of nature to ensure a healthy environment for future generations and to make certain that we leave the natural habitat intact.

Die Natur achtet auf uns – wir achten auf die Natur

Therefore, we make every effort to make environmentally friendly decisions:

  1. Wood from sustainable forestry

    PEFC Wilms uses the heartwood of pine trees that come from PEFC certified forests. We obtain wood from companies that operate under sustainable forest regulations. This means that they plant more trees than they cut down.

  2. No tree is cut especially for Wilms Hygienic Wood
    Die Natur achtet auf uns – wir achten auf die Natur

    We mostly use the core of the wood that is leftover from wood veneer manufacturers since it can only be peeled into strips up to a certain diameter. This inner portion is round with a diameter of about 8cm. This is our valuable raw material. No trees are cut down for our Hygienic Wood products.

  3. Efficient energy use

    Our innovative production guarantee optimally utilizes energy - economically and above all environmentally friendly.

Die Natur achtet auf uns – wir achten auf die Natur

Wood - CO2 Neutral

Products made of wood lead to an important environmental advantage. The extraction and processing of wood requires significantly less energy than other materials. Everywhere wood products can replace those made of other materials that require high energy to be produced, the result is an ecological advantage - especially for example, our wooden cutting boards.

Material of the Future

Our Hygienic Wood is antibacterial and non-chemical. This is definitely the way of the future. With its diverse health-promoting properties, Hygienic Wood plays an important role in the field of natural health. More information at: Innovations and Ideas

Production and Quality

Our Hygienic Wood products and pine heartwood extract, which form the basis of all our cosmetic products are manufactured in-house by our staff. To continuously provide you with superior products, we practice rigorous quality inspection throughout the production process. This quality assurance process includes initial sampling, incoming inspection, production control, test equipment management and documentation.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
High Quality Standards for High Quality Products
High Quality Standards for High Quality Products

High Quality Standards for High Quality Products

Our quality management system adheres strictly to the requirements and guidelines of good manufacturing practice. This includes examining the manufacture of our cosmetic products which is designed to ensure consistent, reproducible product quality.

We can guarantee that our cosmetic raw materials as well as our cosmetic products are produced in a clean and hygienic environment to avoid any kind of contamination. With GMP-compliant production we ensure that the high quality of our raw materials is not adversely affected by the manufacturing process.

Our high quality standards refer not only to the production process, but also include the quality of the raw materials we use and environmental conditions.

Requirements for Raw Material Suppliers
Quality assurance throughout the production process Quality assurance throughout the production process

The raw materials we use to manufacture our products must also be of consistent, high quality. Therefore, all raw materials must meet specific standards. This applies equally to chemical and physical product parameters and also microbial purity. The material compatibility between our raw materials and packaging is also a top priority!

The raw materials, just as product quality, storage stability, preservation and material compatibility between materials and packaging, are tested in the development phase and appropriate specifications are set.

All of our raw materials must be clearly identified and labeled with the the following information: product name, batch number, quantity, gross weight and tare. We also expect our suppliers to meet GMP conditions including quality control and packaging/labeling.

Our goal is to consistently deliver only the best, purest, high quality products that promote health and well-being through the power of pine.

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