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Product Details

Bath Mat "Bend"
2-Pack, 46 x 42 cm
Product Number: 10076
Price: 21.00 €
incl. 19% VAT, plus Shipping Cost Availability: In Stock
For Sports, Vacation, Relaxation...

The Bath Mat "Bend" has an additional seam down the center allowing it to easily fold. It can be stowed to save space, making it perfect to take on the road!
People are especially prone to picking up Athlete’s Foot in public areas such as swimming pools, saunas, hotel rooms, gyms and public showers.
That’s why the Bath Mat “Bend” is great to keep in your luggage or gym bag.

The Effect

Because of the natural ingredients of the wood, bacteria and germs have no chance to grow. The wood absorbs moisture quickly keeping your feet dry and is naturally antifungal.

Even at home this mat has additional advantages. With the seam in the middle, it can be hung to dry even easier!

  • Protection against Athlete's Foot away from home – at the swimming pool, sauna, hotel, gym...
  • Convenient & space-saving

Care Tips:

  • Since the Wilms Hygienic Wood Chip Mats are natually antibacterial, they do not need to be cleaned. If you would still like to clean your mat, we suggest doing it with a damp rag.
  • After use, you can leave your mat on the floor to dry. It is a natural product that dries quickly. If your bathroom floor is heated from below, the mat dries even faster.

Package Contents: 2 Hygienic Wood Mats (with an additional seam)

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