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Good Night. Sleep Good! Good Morning! 

The quality of sleep we receive makes a large impact on our overall health, well-being and performance. But many people are still denied the deep sleep our bodies need.

The main causes of sleep disorders are most often psychological factors such as stress, anger, depression or emotional stress. But pain, changing of your daily rhythm and especially allergies are also large factors.


Mite Allergies

Mites – The enemy in your bed  

At night, we are not alone. Many small spiders, mites, and other microscopic critters romp around in our beds.

The mites find a comfortable home in our mattresses because of the moisture our bodies bring each night and they happily feed on the dead skin cells we leave behind. Many people are allergic to the droppings left behind by the mites, making it hard to get a good night’s sleep.


Foot Fungus

Feet – Our connection to Earth  

In warm, moist places such as the bathroom, bacteria and germs spread particularly quickly. Places with standing water or where condensation occurs, are particularly affected.

Fungal organisms crowd together and can trigger foot fungus. But even shoes, socks or towels can be used for distribution or transmission of the fungus.


Hygiene in the Kitchen

Germs in the Kitchen? 

A healthy kitchen needs to provide not only a healthy diet, but also hygiene. To achieve hygiene in the kitchen, pine heartwood should be used. In scientific studies it is proven to be more hygienic than plastic and other types of wood.

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