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Pine Gold
Glass Bottle 750 ml
Product Number: 10085
Price: 6.90 €
incl. 19% VAT, plus Shipping Cost Basic price: 0.92€ / 100ml Availability: In Stock
The Pine-Extract with Effect!
Ein wahrer Schatz von ca. 80 Einzelsubstanzen verbirgt sich im Kern der Kiefer
The healing power of pine
known for centuries &
now rediscovered

Wilms Pine Gold is a purely natural pine heartwood tea - ideal for improving health & well-being. The ingredients of pine heartwood have proven health benefits and help contribute to daily comfort and strength.

Pine has always been considered a highly valued medicinal plant. The healing effects of pine’s resin, shoots and needles, have been recognized for centuries. But the most valuable medicinal and active ingredient of pine is its essential oil (Oleum Pini sylvestris), which is extracted from the pine resin through distillation. It contains Phenaldren, cadinene, pinene, dipentene, camphor, and many other active ingredients.

Pine cleanses the lungs, increases blood circulation and therefore activates oxygen transport. With a better supply of oxygen, digestion and metabolism are supported. These are just a few effects of the pine tea.

Pine heartwood has built its power through hundreds of generations of nature. Because of its unique wood, the trees remain healthy. Wilms Pine Gold is produced through a unique process in which the active ingredients of the temporomandibular nucleus are bound in the water. There is great variety in the ingredients of the extract!

Wohltuend für die Haut – auch bei Hautleiden
Wilms KiefernGold in
UV protective 750ml
brown glass bottle


20ml of PineGold 1x - 3x 20ml Gold Pine daily is recommended
PineGold is also ideal as a warm tea. Adding honey is a great way to make it sweeter!


Aqua, Pinus Sylvestris
(Water and natural pine heartwood ingredients)

If possible, refrigerate after opening and use within 2 months.
Slight color variations are possible in this natural products.

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