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Bed Mat Comfort - with hemp cover
For 100x200cm Mattresses
Product Number: 10039-100
Price: 241.00 €
incl. 19% VAT, plus Shipping Cost Availability: In Stock
With extra lying comfort

Naturally better sleep – with the Hygienic Wood Bed Mat
Naturally better sleep –
with the Hygienic Wood Bed Mat

Less firm and thus particularly suitable for the ‘soft sleeper’. The additional padding layer inside the mat can further improve your individual feel good climate. Apart from the wood, the high-quality polyester padding layer has also a climate adjusting function and thereby also promotes an equable sleeping climate – it optimally adjusts temperature and moisture. Furthermore, the mat adapts itself to the body even better, so that an even pressure distribution is ensured, which relieves spine, muscles and ligaments.

Weicher und klimaregulierender - Die zusätzliche Polsterschicht im Inneren der Matte macht es möglich
Weicher und klimaregulierender -
Die zusätzliche Polsterschicht im Inneren
der Matte macht es möglich

Advantages of bed mat “Comfort“:

  • Softer lying comfort
  • Improvement of individual sleeping climate
  • Ergonomical relief of spine, muscular system and ligaments

Sleep better – with pine heartwood

The basis for the bed mat ‘Comfort’ is – as it is with all Wilms bed mats – the wood chipping mat inside. These wood chipping mats, made of unique pine heartwood chippings, do not only promote restful sleep, but they also have a clearly noticeable effect against allergenic mites. Studies prove: 80% fewer mites and a decrease of allergic symptoms in 80% of the test subjects and verifiably deeper sleep.

  • Naturally effective against mites – alleviates allergic symptoms
  • Sleep-inducing through soothing ingredients of pine heartwood
  • Natural temperature regulation – less sweating
Bed mat ‘Comfort’ subdivided into four segments
Bed mat ‘Comfort’ subdivided
into four segments

The shell fabric of the bed mat ‘Comfort’ is made of natural hemp fibre, which is particularly robust and also extremely comfortable

Better Sleep - With the Wilms Hygienic Wood Bed Mat.

In addition to our mats for 90cm x 200cm mattresses, the Bed Mat is also available for all other sized mattresses – including kids’ beds! Ask for availability and prices:

e-mail or Tel. 05427 – 9225 0

Kiefernkernholz hat über Hunderte von Generationen Kräfte gebildet, die nachweislich gesundheitsfördernd wirken
Pine heartwood has built its power through
hundreds of generations of nature. Because
of its unique wood, the trees remain healthy.

The Wood with Active Ingredients

Hygienic Wood is pine heartwood that has been taken through a unique process. The ingredients of pine heartwood have a demonstrably positive effect on sleep and well-being as well as effectively eliminating mites in a natural way. Responsible for this are phenaldren, cadinene, pinene, dipentene, camphor, and many other active ingredients.

The mite-reducing effect is also supported by the absorbability of the wood. The wood takes in moisture, which changes the environment of the mites, depriving them from the little moisture they need to survive. During the day, the moisture that was absorbed through the night naturally evaporates.

Bis zu 2.000.000 Hausstaubmilben befinden sich im Bett – Mit der Schlafmatte kann man die Allergieauslöser aus dem Bett verbannen
Up to 2,000,000 dust mites are in
your bed – With the Bed Mat you can
eliminate these allergy triggers

Naturally Mite-Reducing

In 2008, the University of Greifswald conducted a test proving that the amount of mites in bed is significantly reduced with the use of a Bed Mat.
Fifty people with dust mite allergies were given a mat. In addition to measuring the number of mites present in their beds, they were also asked if they felt different.

Results: Over 80% fewer mites were found in their beds and there was a decrease in allergy symptoms by over 80% of participants.

Mit der Schlafmatte erholt in den Tag
Wake up rejuvenated with the Bed Mat!

Deeper Sleep - wake up rested

The Joanneum Research Institute examined the difference between rooms equipped with Zirbe/pine heartwood and those with traditional bedroom furnishings.

Result: The rooms with Zirbe/pine heartwood furnishings had a significant influence on peoples’ sleep. They slept deeper and woke more fully rested. This close proximity to the wood also showed to lower the heart rate which accelerated the body’s nightly recovery process.

Angenehmes Klima unter der Bettdecke – durch die speziellen Holzspäne
Comfortable temperature under the blankets –
due to the special wood chips

Less Sweating through Thermoregulation

Due to the natural properties of the wood, the mats absorb moisture which later evaporates when the bed is no longer occupied. This creates a balanced, pleasantly dry atmosphere under the covers.

The drier the environment, the less you sweat!

Structure of the bed mat „Comfort“
Structure of the bed mat „Comfort“

Structure of the bed mat „Comfort“

Basis for the bed mat variant ‘Comfort’ are once again the special, short-fibred pine heartwood chippings, which are pressed into a breathable structure. This structure enables maximum efficiency and ensures elasticity of the mat. The bed mat ‘comfort’ has a slightly thinner layer of chippings than other bed mat variants and has therefore an even higher elasticity.

The comfort layer
The comfort layer

But it is first and foremost the special padding layer that justifies the name ‘Comfort’. The bed mat ‘Comfort’ offers softer sleep through its additional climate adjusting layer. Furthermore, this layer promotes an equable and agreeable sleeping climate – not too warm and not too cold.

Padding layer and chipping mat are covered with a breathable fleece, which supports the effectiveness of the wood. These fleece-covered elements are in a shell fabric of natural hemp.


The robust hemp shell fabric makes the bed mat ‘Comfort’ highly durable. The shell fabric is virtually indestructible. The chipping mats inside the mat may deteriorate a little over time. However, we guarantee a durability of at least two years. If needed, the tick can be reordered without any problems.

Studies confirm that the effectiveness of the wood lasts for at least 41 months. After that the effect may dwindle a little.

Clips an der Matte und an der Unterseite der Matte befestigen – Bettenlaken drüber – fertig!
Use clips to attach the mat
to your mattress.Then put
the sheets over it – done!

Easily Attaches

The Wilms Hygienic Wood Bed Mat is like a mattress pad. It is simply placed on top of the mattress and fastened to the head and foot of the mattress using clips provided. Sheets are then put on top of the mat.

Care and Cleaning

The "Standard Bed Mat - with Hemp Cover" can be wiped clean with a cloth. Since you can not remove the inner chip mats, it is not meant for the washing machine.

When getting up in the morning, don’t cover the mat with your blankets. This allows the moisture that was absorbed through the night to evaporate into the air.

  • Martin Schröder

    Dear Mr. Wilms,

    A friend of mine suggested that I try your bed mat to relieve my mite allergy symptoms. I’ve been sleeping on it now for 5 months and am very satisfied. I will continue use the Wilms Bed Mat now on a permanent basis.

    13.04.2009 23:00:04


  • Markus Kaptain

    Hello Mr. Wilms

    I have slept for several weeks now on your Bed Mat. In the first night already, I had noticed significant changes. My sleep was much deeper and my sinuses (irritated by allergies) were calmed. Also, I was able to significantly lower and quiet breath. The bed mat has me convinced.

    30.03.2009 08:57:20


  • Gisela Tewes

    We are so happy with our Premium Bed Mats! We now sleep so wonderfully!
    Take care, Gisela Tewes

    15.10.2008 15:24:13


  • Lothar Bode

    Mr. Wilms,

    Since I’ve been sleeping on the Hygienic Wood Bed Mat, I don’t toss and turn as much in my sleep. Also, the temperature is cooled in the summer months. I no longer sweat in bed. I wish you much success with your environmentally friendly products.


    Lothar Bode

    02.02.2008 15:14:37


  • Ulrike Uhlemann

    Lieber Herr Wilms,

    As I already mentioned in our conversation, I’d like to express how much I’ve enjoyed the Wilms Bed Mat. Without it, I feel there is something missing. In the summer months I particularly appreciate the temperature difference it provides. I find that it keeps me cool on those hot nights.

    I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.


    Ulrike Uhlemann

    10.12.2007 07:24:02


  • Dirk Fronhoff

    Despite initial skepticism, I can say the Wilms Bed Mat really works - my sleeping habits have improved remarkably. Many thanks!

    06.11.2007 16:54:33


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