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The Wilms

The Wilms company was created in 1893 as a private firm. Since that time, it has been passed down and still remains run by the Wilms family. The enterprise is an open commercial company under the leadership of Heinrich Wilms and Katharina Wilms. The company’s focus is wood packaging although in the last 10 years, a special focus has been put on the thorough research of the antibacterial effects of the pine heartwood.

The Wilms company currently employs approximately 115 people at two locations, with about 20 of these employees concentrating soley on Hygienic Wood.

Günter Bockbreder in the saw mill (1975) – Cutting wood for the pallets, the chips of wood were sold to farmers in the area. These antibacterial chips quickly became the talk of the town.

The History of Hygienic Wood

Pine heartwood’s hygienic properties were originally discovered when used in an agricultural setting. After some wood chips were used in animals’ stalls, the animals had a very apparent decrease in sickness. Since there had been no other changes to their environment, this pine wood became the subject of investigation.

The Wilms began trials and experiments over the next few years hoping to find a way to use the natural benefits of the wood. During this phase in the company's history it was discovered that the heartwood of the pine contained extraordinary antibacterial effects.

Using this effect in conjunction with the Wilms patented washing and drying procedure, the heartwood is now used to make a variety of products giving people a naturally healthy environment.

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