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Heartwood packet for Forest Shower
Refill heartwood packets for Forest Shower
Product Number: 10129
Price: 7.80 €
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For a shower experience with effect

1 heartwood packet for Wilms Forest Shower.

Pine heartwood chips, through which water flows in the forest shower, are the core of the packets. Thus ingredients are given off to the water and ensure a unique and distinctive shower experience.

Scope of delivery:
1 refill heartwood packet (consisting of pine heartwood chips – covered in nonwoven fabric) suitable for Wilms Forest Shower (packet approx.18cm x 11.5cm x 4cm)

Wilms Forest Shower

By means of naturally enriched shower water, Wilms Forest Shower provides for a shower experience with an impact: for healthy skin & vitality.

The shower water can be precisely adjusted, and optionally flows completely, proportionally or not at all through a pine heartwood packet, which is easy to replace and passes the more than 80 natural ingredients of pine heartwood on to the shower water.

The ingredients, which are demonstrably germ-reducing and highly effective, are absorbed through the warm skin which is well supplied with blood and reinforce the skin’s own protective barrier.

Pleasant for your respiratory tract and good for your health

Respiratory passages benefit from the pleasant ingredients contained in the water vapour - ideal for colds or respiratory problems. Shower and bath are covered with a wood water film. And the result: a unique natural pool microclimate; ingredients remain in place after water has evaporated thus reducing fungi in corners and joints.

The heartwood packet is activated after the normal shower, thereby effectively bringing the skin into contact with the ingredients.

  • Good for your skin & respiratory tract.
  • Enhances a healthy climate in the bath.
  • Environmentally friendly disposal/no environmentally polluting substances in the water.
  • Simple installation without structural changes.
  • Very easy exchange of heartwood packet.

The positive effects on legionellae and lime scale deposits in the shower head are currently being investigated. Find more about the antibacterial and health enhancing effect of pine heartwood here.

We recommend activating the heartwood packet at the end of the “normal” showering for about one minute. One minute is the ideal duration for an effective body care by means of the wood ingredients. If these recommendations are followed, the heartwood packet is sufficient for about 30 – 40 showers. Heartwood packets can be reordered via web shop, telephone or email.

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