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  • Optimal Protection against Foot Fungus [mehr...]

    Die wirksamen Holzinhaltsstoffe werden beim Betreten der Matte auf die Füße übertragen, wo diese effektiv vor Fußpilz schützen. [zur Studie…]

  • Germ and Bacteria Reduction [more...]

    Germs and bacteria have no chance of growing on your Wilms Bath Mat. The contents of the pine wood naturally keep them away as well as preventing and fighting foot fungus.

  • Naturally Regulates the Climate of your Bathroom [more...]

    Wilms Bath Mats absorb moisture quickly and return it slowly back into the air, keeping the climate of your bathroom naturally regulated.

  • Traps Moisture - Keeps your feet dry! [more...]

    The moisture-retaining characteristics of the Wilms Bath Mats quickly absorb the water on your feet. Each time this happens the hygienic qualities of the wood are again strengthened keeping your feet not only dry but also germ-free.

  • Enjoy the Natural Essence of Pine Wood [more...]

    The mats provide more than a germ and bacteria-killing effect. They also help to regulate the climate of the room. The wood also adds a refreshing, natural scent to the air.

  • Foot Reflexology Massage [more...]

    The uneven surface of the mats has a stimulating effect which calms the nervous system and energizes the blood circulation of muscles and connective tissues.

  • Slip Resistant [more...]

    The unique surface texture of the mats gives them a slip-resistant quality, making your bathroom a safer room in your house.

The bath mat can be used anywhere in the bathroom but is especially helpful outside the bathtub or shower. It is also great to sit on in the sauna!

The risk of foot fungus is significantly reduced.

Hygienic Products for your Bathroom:

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