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Wilms PineFlora
500 ml
Product Number: 10080
Price: 8.90 €
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Natural defense for plants

Wilms PineFlora – a natural source of protection for agricultural and ornamental plants. Using the purely natural and effective ingredients of pine heartwood, PineFlora rids plants of fungi, bacteria and germs.

The 500ml spray bottle is ideal for direct application to plants.

Natürlich gegen Mehltau – mit Kiefernkernholz
Rid mildew naturally -
with pine heartwood
Wilms PineFlora

PineFlora offers natural protection for agricultural and decorative plants. Its effect is based on the strength of pine heartwood. The contents of this wood have developed over hundreds of generations. This adaptation to the natural surroundings has created a unique combination of ingredients which keeps the trees strong and healthy!

Natürlicher Schutz für Nutz- und Zierpflanzen
Natural protection for agricultural
and ornamental plants

Recent studies show that pine heartwood eliminates bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses in a short period of time. Many research institutions have confirmed these studies and the wood’s unique effect.

Read more about these studies: Research

For prevention of insect infestation and for plant diseases such as Sooty Mold and fungi. Ideal for ornamental plants, roses, fruit trees and vegetable crops. Spray directly on the plants.

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Ingredients INCI:
Aqua, Pinus Sylvestris
(Water and natural pine wood core ingredients)

If possible, store in a cool place and use within six months after opening.

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