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Product Details

Bed Mat Premium - with Function cover
For 90x200cm Mattresses
Product Number: 10040-090
Price: 102.00 €
incl. 19% VAT, plus Shipping Cost Availability: In Stock

The Premium Bed Mat consists of four Universal Mats in a large, special covering. These individual mats can then be changed or replaced. They are simply inserted into the original covering.
The Premium Bed Mat is used directly on top of the mattress, under the bottom sheet. It is then held in place by the Elastic Fastening Clips (directions are in the package). Sheets are then put on and the Bed Mat is out of sight.

Included: 1 Premium Bed Mat and 4 Elastic Fastening Clips

It works!
  • Antibacterial and germ-killing
  • Achieve deeper, more relaxing sleep
  • Protects against bed and house dust mites
  • Significantly Reduces Allergies in bed
Our care tips:
  • Put your Wilms Hygienic Mat directly on your mattress, under your sheets.
  • If your Bed Mat has absorbed body moisture overnight, leave your blankets at the foot of your bed allowing the mat to breathe.
  • Flip/rotate your mat now and then to evenly distribute use.
  • The Hygienic Mats are naturally antibacterial so they do not need to be cleaned. However, if you would still like to clean your mat, we suggest doing it with a damp rag.
  • To extend the life of your mat, hand wash only without the use of cleaning products, avoid high temperatures and do not knead or wring it out.

Premium Bed Mat 185 x 85 cm
4 Elastic Fastening Clips

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