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What is Hygienic Wood?

Hygienic Wood Uses the Strength of Nature

Hygienic wood is “heartwood” found at the inner core of pine tree trunks. This section of the tree contains contents and material giving the wood an extensive, germ-killing power. Hygienic wood is proven to be resistant to bacteria, and through a patented procedure by Wilms, this natural protection is strengthened. Wilms has now made a healthy living environment through hygienic wood possible for everyone.

Wilms products are made of pine heartwood - naturally effective

For healthy skin.

Wilms PineVital.

It nourishes the skin and is also effective against germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi. PineVital, the extract of pine heartwood, is an optimal skin-care product that gets its natural effect from the wood. It cares for daily maintenance of the skin and supports healing of skin ailments. Cooling and itch-relieving - in a natural way. More...

From the Research
„… Symptoms such as skin dryness, tension and cracks were significantly reduced…“
University Hospital of Greifswald  

„… Results show that the ingredients of the wood have a very pronounced, inactivating effect on the Herpes virus…“

University Clinic in Münster


For healthy feet and natural hygiene.

Hygienic Wood Bath Mat.

The Bath Mat’s great advantage is the use of the fungi-eliminating properties of the wood. This allows the Bath Mat to protect agains athlete’s foot. The antibacterial properties also provide a naturally clean alternative to standard rugs. For naturally healthy feet and natural hygiene. More...

From the Research
„…depending on the type, 90% - 99% of fungi were killed…”
Institute Hygiene Nord


For a deep and restful sleep.

Hygienic Wood Bed Mat.

The Bed Mat, a mattress cover made of pine heartwood chips, is mite-reducing and ensures deep, restful sleep through the natural ingredients of the wood. Keeps mites out of bed - especially suitable for people with allergies and sleep disorders. More...

From the Research
„… 98.9% fewer mites in six weeks...“ Institute of Insect Services
Dr. Hans Dautel & Dr. Cornelia Dippel


Naturally pure.

Hygienic Wood for the Kitchen.

Cleaner than plastic, and still completely natural - Wilms Hygienic Wood cutting boards. The wood is antibacterial even in the deepest cracks and adds natural atmosphere to your kitchen! More...

From the Research
„… All the experiments show that Hygienic Wood eliminates germs better than plastic...“

Medicine and Hospital Epidemiology

“While polyethylene (conventional plastic) retains bacteria even after 216 hours, bacteria can no longer be found on Wilms Hygienic Wood after just 2 hours.”
Federal Biological Institute for Agriculture and Forestry


Since the middle of the 20th Century, plastic has been seen as an innovation that has helped to advance business and society. However, plastic has one large drawback - the lack of a natural defense against germs and bacteria. Because of the absence of this quality and the widespread use of the material, the level of pathogens in our environment has risen drastically, disrupting the natural cycle.

One example of this disruption is the continually growing resistance of pathogens in hospitals.

Plastic is now used in place of wood for things such as furniture, handles/door knobs, packaging, cutting boards, etc. This is due to the common misconception that plastic is more hygienic than wood.

Wood and Hygiene – No Contradiction

It is often said that wood is an insanitary material. While this is true about some types of wood, hygienic wood derived from the heartwood of pine tree trunks, proves just the opposite. This hygienic heartwood has shown an “undreamt of” hygienic effect and comparisons with other materials confirm this.

(Studie: Germ reduction by Wilms Hygienice Wood compared to other materials, Summary )

(Studie: Improved hygienic properties of pine heartwood, Summary )


Based on the results, the DIN10528 (Food Hygiene) has been amended: Wood in the food processing industry has been re-authorized. Mehr

Pine Heartwood – The Raw Material of Hygienic Wood

The pine heartwood forms in the center of the trunk. The core section of pine wood is identifiable by the dark coloring.


DThis part of the tree is particularly resistant to germs, bacteria and fungus. Pine heartwood has a distinct germ-kiling effect.

This phenomenen is explained in numerous publications by comparing the levels of lignin (the main component in wood) in the heartwood to the levels in other types of wood.

The sum of all the contents of the wood materials is probably the greatest contribution to this unbelievable effect, though to a large extent they have not yet been thoroughly investigated.

The Way It Works

The antibacterial effect is based on the interaction of bacteria with specific ingredients of pine heartwood. The especially effective ingredients are Terpenes and Pinosylvin.

In addition, the properties of wood allow it to absorb moisture and naturally release it back into the air. This characteristic makes it effective against bacteria as it deprives the bacteria of the moisture it needs.

That means the effect of the Hygienic Wood is a result of the interaction of moisture and the ingredients of the wood. Bacteria, germs and other pathogens are effectively eliminated.

The speed of germ reduction and thus the antibacterial effect of the wood depend on how quickly the germs and other pathogens are absorbed.

This effect is strengthened through the Wilms patented process, which allows the bacteria to be eliminated much quicker.

Examined Effectiveness

Numerous recognized research institutes have carried out studies supporting the use of hygienic wood. One study done by The German Institute for Food Technology (DIL) has proven that “pine heartwood absorbs and kills bacteria effectively.” Further studies have shown the astounding effect that hygienic wood has against mites, foot fungus and flu viruses.

Result: Almost no pathogen withstands Hygienic Wood.

(Study: Improved hygienic properties of pine heartwood, Summary )

Our products make this effect useful for all areas of life: natural skincare, mite-reducing sleeping mats, fungi-resistant bath mats, naturally hygienic cutting boards, a hygienic workplace...

Products for animals and plants are also available.

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