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Naturally Hygienic Surfaces for your Kitchen

Despite the fact that wood is proven to be more hygienic than plastic, the opposite is often still an accepted belief. Scientific studies carried out by numerous institutes confirm that Wilms® Hygienic Wood is far more hygienic than its synthetic counterparts.

Pine heartwood taken straight from nature is found to have powerful bacteria-reducing contents. When compared in studies to other materials, pine heartwood performs best.

The Institute for Environmental Medicine and Hospital Hygiene determined through an extensive study that Wilms® Hygienic Wood kills germs substantially better than plastic-coated plates and polyethylene. Further studies performed by other institutes then verified these findings.

Based on the results, the DIN10528 (Food Industry Hygiene) has been amended: Wood has been re-authorized for use in the food industry. More...

Use the Strength of Pine in the Kitchen

To bring the positive effects of pine heartwood to the kitchen, Wilms® has created a series of cutting boards.

The product line includes boards in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

The wood has been through the Wilms® patented treatment procedure so the natural antibacterial and germ-killing effect is intensified.

To ensure the strongest antibacterial power of the wood, the boards have not been coated in any way.


  • Antibacterial and Germ-Killing [more...]

    A scientific study by the Federal Biological Institute in Brunswick tested the germination ability of various materials. Wilms® Hygienic Wood produced an impressive result. One hour after numerous germs were applied to the Hygienic Wood, no viable bacteria were detectable. In contrast, when the plastic (polyethylene) surface was tested, bacteria were still detectable after nine days.

  • Inside the Deeper Cracks [more...]

    Through the antibacterial effect of the wood, germs that are not cleaned off and remain in the deeper cracks are effectively killed. In the same situation using a plastic board, the germs multiply.

  • Natural Ambience in Your Kitchen [more...]

    Wood is a warm material which creates a natural, pleasant atmosphere.

Hygienic Products for your Kitchen:

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