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G. from Bonn

Dear employees of company Wilms

Just by chance I got to know your Pine Vital and tested it. I myself have very dry skin which is susceptible for neurodermatitis, whereas my eleven year old daughter is the exact opposite type of skin with a slightly oily scalp, which is also dandruff prone.
So far, I have tried many organic shampoos starting. Nothing really satisfied me. My daughter is supposed to wash her hair every two days, otherwise it will look stringy.
After using Pine Vital, Margarete was nice to look at even after 5 days.
As a contrast, she took a conventional shampoo, when she last washed her hair. The second day her hair looked very greasy and had many scaling areas.
Your product is really good, and the balancing effect on the scalp becomes obvious, as it can be recommended for both dry and greasy skin. And standing on front of the shelves, deliberating as to which brand to choose, has finally stopped.

With this in mind, many kind regards from Bonn.

06.11.2014 12:58

We received this letter by mail on October 13, 2014

Dear Sir or Madam

Through an acquaintance of mine I came into the possession of a tube of your new toothpaste Wilms-Pinus-Vital. I was to have a tooth pulled out around which the gums were bleeding.
After using your toothpaste everything has worked out well, and the tooth is still there.
Now it seems to be the right time to use your paste again. However, you cannot buy it around where I live.
That is why I would like to ask you to send me the paste, if possible.
I would be very grateful, if you could make this possible for me. I am 87 years old.
I enclose 20 euro, as I do not know the price of the toothpaste.

Kind regards and thank you.

Gerda M.

31.10.2014 13:42

S. Göller-Kraus

With pleasure am I writing to you about my experience after an in-depth long-term test of the shampoo and the conditioner?
Meanwhile the pollen count has also provoked more reactions of the scalp, and I must say I am very enthusiastic and satisfied. The scalp is soothed immediately after the application, and that continues for approximately two days, which had not been the case with my other product range.
As soon as I run out of my remaining stock (there is not too much left), I will reorganize the product range for my customers and exclusively use these products for hair and scalp care and scalp health.

Thank you very much,
S. Göller-Kraus

07.04.2014 09:03

Wilms Hygienic Wood - Team

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27.03.2014 09:00

Wilms Hygienic Wood - Team

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20.03.2014 08:05


Dear Sir or Madam
- 20 years of neurodermatitis on my hands
- umpteen dermatologists who were not able to help
- umpteen attempts with various creams
Free of symptoms for 6 months thanks to Pine care water.


02.02.2014 18:47

Maria Ircha

Dear Herr Wilms

I do not know who to adress to talk about this. That is why I am writing to you. My mother has a sincere request to you, i.e. she has big problems with the skin of her hands. She has consulted many doctors , and nobody has been able to help her. She found out though that it is only your PinusVital body lotion that brings her relief. That is why my mother wants to buy two packages. Our car will arrive on Thursday and we would be very grateful if somebody could take the lotion to the office. We will give our driver the money and he will pay the lotion in the office.
Many thanks in advance.

Thank you very much,
Maria Ircha, Dębno, Polen

Dnia 10 wrzesień 2013

10.09.2013 11:31



Here is today’s adventure with PineVital care spray and PineFauna:

when trying to spray my tomcat with PineFauna, he scratched me badly on my finger. There was instant profuse bleeding and it burnt like hell…. Luckily I had the presence of mind to spray PineFauna on the wound and the feeling of burning disappeared after a couple of minutes and the wound had almost ‘closed’. Just after one hour I was able to bend my finger again….
Awesome! Normally, healing of such scratches used to take several days. As one had to use one’s fingers, the scratch opened up again and again. After treating it with Pinus Fauna and subsequently with PineVital care spray it took just a couple of hours. Even now, as I am writing this mail, I am able to use the finger in a normal way.

I am enthusiastic over it.

Kind regards and a nice weekend to the Wilms Team.

23.08.2013 14:55

Lisa Kaufmann

Dear Wilms Team,

Since the day I got them, one of my two miniature billy goats has been suffering from blood-covered rash in the fetlock areas – similar to mallenders for horses. During winter times it was never really particularly bad, but during the summer the claws always bled very heavily. The billy goat bit them open several times a day. The examination results of skin scrapings showed a persistent bacterium. Together with my veterinarian I tried everything, but even a treatment with a course of antibiotics over several months could not cope with this problem. Only, when we bathed the claws in a Camilla brew and then treated them with calendula ointment afterwards did I get a grip on the inflammation.
But it never disappeared completely.

In spring this year, within the space of a few weeks, I bought two 35kg bales of hygiene wood litter for spreading in the goat pen. Through an acquaintance of my mother´s I had found your company and decided to start a last attempt in order to do something for the inflamed fetlocks. And I can tell you that my expectations were surpassed by far. Apart from a timely and absolutely unproblematic delivery of such an amount of litter, and apart from the pleasantly fresh smell, which was spreading in the pen, and apart from its absorbent properties, the fetlock areas of my little billy goat remained absolutely dry. Even during the hot period of time with temperatures of 38°C which is just behind us not the smallest spatter of blood could be detected.

When I think back to the last year……in the summer, the rush was always extremely bad. Even during a warm period of time in December 2012 (14°C) the claws were sore. When I was ordering the second part of the delivery by telephone, I promised to take ‘before-and-after’ pictures. You will find them attached to this mail. On the one hand, there are photos of a (relatively mild) rash in a warm period in December 2012 at an ambient temperature of approx. 14°C, and on the other hand, of course, pictures of healed dry fetlocks in July 2013 taken during a hot spell with an average temperature of 37°C for more than 10 days. I am very pleased to put these pictures at your disposition so that they can be published on your homepage – after all, other customers ought to be given the chance not only to read about but also see the enormous difference hygiene wood litter makes.
My billy goat and I are absolutely happy with my discovery, and so is my veterinarian (even though he is a little hesitant to admit).
After all those unsuccessful therapies I would never have imagined that the hygiene wood litter would really make a difference, let alone this 180 degree turn.
I am absolutely convinced of this product. In future, there will be only this litter in the goat pen. That is 100% sure.

Many thanks for this fantastic product.
Kind regards
Lisa Kaufmann (18) – your new regular customer!!!

08.08.2013 23:33

J. Erdmann

PinusFloris against fungi on your boxwood.

I succeeded in fighting fungi on my boxwood plants and hedges by applying PinusFloris. Nearly dead plants are getting green again. Unfortunately, I did not manage to consistently spray all my boxwood plants with your “wood water” twice a year. That is why the fungus has always found yet another chance to spread. Thus, I will have to continue the treatment for a while.

Kind regards
J. Erdmann

08.07.2013 14:51

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