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We are sweating. It is hot – PineSol Mineralvital will help. Put 3 – 5 grains of salt into your mouth, let them dissolve, and your batteries will be charged again. 
Foot baths will take the heat out of your body. Enjoy it and continued sunshine and summer temperatures.

20.06.2013 11:57


Despite intensive dental care and prophylaxis I was having problems with my tooth pockets, which made itself noticeable through bad breath. Since I started to use Kieferngold as a mouth rinse and apply your toothpaste (for approx. two weeks), the problem has obviously sorted itself out.

08.04.2013 10:03


Always add a dash of Wilms-Kieferngold or Wilms p+ wash additive to a vacuum cleaner with water filter. The air will be more pleasant and it disinfects the hoses. Vacuum cleaners with a room ventilation function: add 2-3 shot glasses of p+ wash additive and run for 20 minutes – it's like you are in the forest.

Kind regards
H-P Fischer Blaubeuren

02.03.2013 17:43

J. Balzer

I have been using your mattress topping containing pine heartwood for a considerable time – the results are outstanding. Aside from a feeling of well-being and warm comfort (even though the wood chips are barely perceptible a slight massaging effect is noticeable) I wake up fit and well rested. I am still in the process of convincing my family to also get a sleeping mat. I can also report that the internal use of Pine Gold has a positive effect on your general well-being and therefore flu periods are weathered more easily.
Kind regards
J. Balzer

07.02.2013 13:13


Dear Sir/Madam
As a lower leg amputee, I have discovered your products for the daily care of my stump. I use the wash lotion for my nightly cleaning routine. After the wash I get the sensation of having refreshed my stump. The fresh scent of pinewood contributes further to this. Afterwards I apply the Pinus Vitamin E skin gel or Pinus skin gel to my stump. This gets absorbed into the skin particularly fast and has improved the condition of my skin considerably ever since I started using it. The condition of my skin is especially important to me as I walk on my prosthesis all day. I no longer suffer from any impurities which is of particular advantage during the summer. Furthermore I do not perspire as much any more as I used to in my prosthesis, a fact which I attribute to the Pinus skin gel as I repeat the application of the Pinus skin gel to my stump in the morning during periods of intense heat. The itching I used to experience in my prosthesis during warm weather has also lessened.

Fantastic products. I had been looking for a long time before I found something which really helped and I continue to be enthusiastic about the natural products.

Kind regards
C. Körner

30.01.2013 19:38


PineFauna Skin and Coat Care Shampoo for Dogs - Great natural shampoo!
I love this shampoo. I use it on my show dogs a week or so before they show. Excellent for the skin and coat is simply radiant afterwards. PineFauna Shampoo does not strip the coat of oils and gently cleanses the coat without making it dry/flaky as many other shampoos are apt to do. It has a gentle pine scent, but this does fade after a couple of days. Great when used with the coat spray. You will find a VERY noticeable difference even after the first use. Coat will be shiny, gleaming, soft, rich, and pigment comes through well. Great for itchy and flaky skin as well when used with the gel.

PineFauna Skin and Coat Care Restorative Gel for Dogs - Great product for skin irritation and restorative for skin issues
This product is slightly different than the spray. I find it is better for skin issues and spot treatments. I have a rescue dog with skin issues. She tends to break out in staph infections, gets red/inflamed ears, and develops lick granulomas during the rainy and allergy seasons. I have had great success with this gel and allergy medication. The gel soothes her ears, and prevents dirty buildup. The smell is pleasant and not offensive to the dog or me. I also use this product on her lick granulomas and areas where she has hair loss. It soothes the skin and reduces itching. I like to use this product on callused areas like elbow calluses. Good product and great value.

PineFauna Skin and Coat Care Spray for Dogs - Excellent product!
I show dogs and this is my go to product right before my dog enters the ring. Gives the coat incredible sheen, softness and richness. Brings out the color and pigment. Coat just shines like a diamond with this product. I can't say enough good things about this spray! It lasts a long time. Even with multiple dogs and weekly use, I still have quite a bit of the product left. The spray has a light, fragrant pine smell that is not overpowering. Absorbs quickly into the coat and does not leave the hair oily like some other heavier products. I use this spray for my allergic rescue dog as well - it helps with her itchy and flaky skin. Great product for dogs of all breeds.

12.12.2012 13:57


Wims p+ washing additive also for cleaning of parquet flooring. The floors look rejuvenated.

Kind regards from Blaubeuren
H-P Fischer

07.12.2012 18:53

Sandro Schnarwiler

Pine heartwood extract against parasites on koi carps

We use the pine heartwood extract very successfully in his koi pond. The fish (Japanese koi – 12 fish between 30 cm and 80 cm long) always used to have parasites in their gills. They were treated with tablets against worms but did not really recover a 100% after the treatment.

Again and again the fish had worms in their gills. After using the extract there are not any complaints any more. An enormous difference compared with earlier on. The veterinarian’s conclusion: water parameters good, no parasites detectable, everything is OK.

As far as the dosage is concerned: after changing the water in spring and autumn use 5 litres of the extract for the 6 cubic metres of water (two thirds of the water had been exchanged before – the treatment the treatment with Wilms care extract).

Many thanks for that.

12.11.2012 13:48


Great products

I love the PineFauna products - we have show dogs and in Summer the flies bother them in the ring and so I use the spray and a repellant.
I also use the spray as an ear cleaner for all of my dogs and so far perfect results. These are great products that any dog owner would
find very useful.

29.10.2012 13:55

Gabi Lampe, Tierhilfe (Animal Aid) Melle e.V.

Tierhilfe (Animal Aid) Melle e.V. – our experience with Wilms PinusFauna products

We regularly use Wilms PinusFauna products in our animal care. Our cats have shiny and well-groomed coats. PinusFauna Spray quickly regulates the natural balance, in particular after the regular treatments against vermin, when the skin is irritated. Our deaf tomcat Ronny suffered from a strong allergy against flea excrements. He got so quickly bald in the pelvic region that we had to treat him massively and radically with potent drugs. Afterwards, his skin was extremely damaged.
We sprayed him with the wood spray and could see the healthy hair grow again. Today he sports a full and shiny coat again.
We treat animals with skin eczema with the gel, because it is easier to rub into the skin.
Our birds are regularly sprayed, and so are our high perches and everything that is made of wood within the aviary.
Our St Lucia Amazon had always plucked herself and was almost bald on the belly. Sprayed regularly she now has a full and beautiful plumage. It is really not possible to forget to spray, because you would notice immediately, when you see the animals.
Our rose-ringed parakeet had a completely bald head, when he came to us. His head was scabbed and he could hardly see – acute mite infestation. The head region is of course difficult to treat with chemicals. We sprayed the bird, including the head region, until he was soaking wet. The very next day you could see that the animal was feeling much better, and after a couple of days the first feathers appeared on his head. Our birds are additionally fed PinusFauna as their drinking water in order to reduce parasitic infestations.

Kind regards
Gabi Lampe

25.10.2012 14:48

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