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Wilms Hygienic Wood - Team

Thank you for your inquiry!

Currently we are working on distribution possibilities in the VAE and we are confident to provide a dealer address in Dubai within the next weeks.

Of course you can use the Camel Shampoo for dogs, but we also have a shampoo developed for pets

We will send you the information regarding the dealer and types of the shampoo via e-mail as soon as possible.

Beste regards, The Wilms Hygienic Wood-Team

03.01.2011 11:15

george dalton

i read a recent article about adapting your pet shampoo for camels in the UAE. Two questions:

1. is there a dealer in Dubai which sells your standard pet products?

2. Can the camel shampoo be used on dogs who seem to be suffering from similar problems as the camels especially dogs from cold climates?

08.12.2010 15:31

Frau Müller

Dear Wilms Team
Your extract helped us prevent the employment of cortisone for the treatment of our daughter’s neurodermatitis. It seems that the skin has recovered almost 100%. Our daughter can now even go to the outdoor saltwater pool again. That used to be impossible because of her “open” skin.
We used the extract, intended for the use with animals, against fleas on our new cat the other day. As the procedure took place in the washbasin, we could watch the little pests leave the animal in a “hasty escape”.
We are enthusiastic about the effect.
Kind regards

02.11.2010 15:46


We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for all your efforts. Your advice and horse-sense has greatly helped us. We have applied PinusFauna to our horses and are absolutely thrilled that this natural means has healed them so quickly and impressively. The older gelding’s girth injury has been completely healed and hair has grown again. We got the thrush under control, too. We also had the saddle for the three-year-old gelding re-upholstered according to your specifications and massaged the saddle position every day with your pine heartwood extract. After a few days already, new hair had grown. We followed your instructions as to lunging and breaking in, and can ride the horse in the country in company. We are happy to have met you at the State Horticultural Show in Bad Essen. We will continue to apply Pinus Fauna and naturally recommend it. By the way, we sprayed ourselves with it and thus averted the annoying insect bites. Many thanks again for your friendly and convincing advice.
Kind regards from Mastholte
Family Köhler

29.08.2010 11:43

BOHEMIA GARDENS Die Berggärtnerei

Prophylaxis when pruning Japanese maple
Preventive measures against Verticillium dahliae, among others

Many maple species such as Acer japonicum i.S., Acer palmatum LS., Acer aconitifolium are often threatened by fungi attacks, e.g. by the wilt fungus Verticillium.
This soil-borne pest leads to the wilting of shoots and dying of branches right to the core wood, often even to the loss of the complete plant.
The only effective method for infested plants is early pruning of the infested shoots into the healthy wood. All cutting tools must be disinfected before usage. Cut clean and smooth above an eye. Consistent frequent spraying of the complete plant with PinusFloris in connection with the specific usage of a complete fertilizer and regular watering has shown to be very helpful. Hardly any infestation could be observed.
However, it is even better to spray healthy plants regularly with undiluted PinusFloris once a week, provided they are optimally fertilized and watered.
Out of altogether 23 maple plants in various locations 9 were provided with PinusFloris right from the beginning. All plants stayed healthy and got well through stress situations caused by heat and direct sunlight.
Despite a good basic supply, the other 14 maples showed fungal infestation, which lead to a total loss in two cases. 4 maples were strongly resected and are stable under the application of PinusFloris. 5 plants were neither treated nor infested (one heat induced damage, the plant is clearly recovering). The rest of the maples were only mildly infested and cut back without any further application of PinusFloris.

Kind regards
Volkhard Schultz-Jochens

06.08.2010 08:34

BOHEMIA GARDENS Die Berggärtnerei

Botrytis infested tomatoes

In 2008, tomatoes in a plastic greenhouse were infested with grey old rot/Botrytis and could not be saved any more.
In April 2009, the plastic greenhouse was completely sprayed with PinusFloris from the inside. The soil was improved by adding 10 litres of compost per square metre and fertilized with organic-mineral fertilizer (60 grams per square metre) and limed. After that, the floor was sprayed with undiluted PinusFloris and covered with landscaping fleece. The fleece was cut up at a plant distance of 80 cm (beef tomato) and 60 cm (trusses of tomatoes) and planted.
After a very short while only, the plants were characterized by rapid growth and strong and healthy leaves. As a supporting measure, the tomato plants were sprayed once a week with PinusFloris diluted with water in a ratio of 1:1. There was no sign of deficiencies or pests until the end of August, then, despite ventilation, a slight infestation of mildew occurred. The spraying frequency was increased to two times a week and PinusFloris was not diluted any more.
As there was no more infestation, the infested leaves were removed and spraying was reduced to once a week with undiluted PinusFloris as from the middle of September. The yield was more than satisfactory and very healthy.

Kind regards
Volkhard Schultz-Jochens

06.08.2010 08:31

Rahf, Andrea

I have come across your products more or less by chance and am thrilled by your bathmats, which I also use as universal mats. I think you ought to advertise more that these mats also quickly help to alleviate influenza symptoms as well as gastro-intestinal infects. I have two little children, who I put onto these mats when they were having an infect and both felt well again within a couple of hours. I am absolutely convinced that these mats were the reason for it. Meanwhile, I take a little mat along whenever I go on holiday and it has proved successful. For cleaning I sometimes put the mats into the sun. Try them and recommend them to your friends.
Kind regards
Andrea Rahf

05.08.2010 17:25

Helen J.

Dear Team
Congratulations on your products and also on your salesperson who I met, when I visited the State Horticultural Show in Bad Essen at the beginning of May. Herr Berg…….(unfortunately I forgot the name, tall with glasses) explained your articles so impressively that I went on a shopping spree against my will.
Never would I have thought that natural products can be so effective. I daily use the washing lotion and the skin gel and am thrilled. I particularly like the toothpaste. After treating my roses with PinusFloris, they flourished in the true sense of the word and could not be recognised anymore. I will definitely recommend your products.
Many greetings from Berlin

22.07.2010 15:07

FVL Forstwirtschaftliche Vereinigung Lüneburg GmbH

FVL trip for further training
Dear Herr Wilms
After returning home to Lüneburg Heath in one piece and, above all, in a cheerful mood and digesting the many impressions of our wonderful further training in the Osnabrücker Land region, we should like to express our sincere thanks – also on behalf of the Uelzen forestry office – for the warm reception you gave us.
We took the impression home with us that your company stands out agreeably among the multitude of companies already visited by us and that you always keep an eye on the future. As we subsist silviculturally on pine trees, our visit at your premises was a very special experience also in terms of taste, as many of us kept your exquisite pine drink on the palate for quite some time.
Furthermore, we wish you a never failing feeling for the markets of tomorrow and thank you again for the refreshing stay at your premises.
Kind regards
FVL Forstwirtschaftliche Vereinigung Lüneburg GmbH

22.07.2010 08:25

Volkhard Schultz-Jochens

Transplanting Rhododrendon repens

6 Rhododrendon repens i.S. and a Kalmia latifolia were to be transplanted in a garden in Belm in May 2009, as these plants showed poor growth and were additionally infested with whiteflies and lice. When taking the plants out, we found that all of them had been planted too deep in clay soil without adding sufficient amounts of peat.
The plants were cut back to a height of about 40cm, the planting hole for each plant was enriched with about 50 litres of peat, 3 shovels of Bioriko and 30 g of Floranid, which were blended with the soil. The plants were planted in shallow holes in this substrate in such a way that the upper part of the root together with the root ball stuck out of the soil for about 2 - 4 cm. After that, we watered with plenty of water.
After 3 weeks the Rhododendrons showed strong leaf growth. As expected, the Kalmia was more hesitant. From that point on, the Kalmia and 3 Rhododendrons were sprayed every second day with PinusFloris (diluted with water at a ratio of 1 to 1). It was clearly noticeable that, from that point on, the Kalmia produced stronger shoots and the leaves became darker, too.
The 3 Rhododendrons, which had been treated with PinusFloris, were found to show faster growth and very strong shoots approximately 2 – 3 weeks after the initial spraying, whereas the other plants showed satisfactory growth, but by far not as strong as the others. Also, the leaf colouring was lighter at the very beginning and not so shiny. At the beginning of August, 2 of the non-treated 3 plants showed a light infestation with whitefly, whereupon all three were successfully treated with Spruzid. Kalmia and the other 3 Rhododendrons remained untreated as well as pest-free.
Length of treatment with PinusFloris: 14 days, every two days once in the morning; the whole plant thoroughly sprayed from all sides.
After that, 3 weeks with two sprayings each week. Then treatment was discontinued.

06.07.2010 09:10

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