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Dear HygienicWood Team
When my eight guinea pigs suffered from infestations with biting lice and mites at the same time, and had scratched themselves almost unconscious despite compounds from the veterinarian (extreme itching can actually make them suffer a comatose shock, which can be potentially fatal), I tried the pine spray…after only two applications in the morning and evening it got already much better. After two more days the itching stopped almost completely. SUPER! My guineas say: MANY THANKS!
PS: My special thanks go to Elke Adam. That was a super tip. :-)

16.02.2010 21:06

Wilms HygienicWood Team

Dear Frau Graewel
Many thanks for your enquiry. There is already very positive experience with biting lice, but only with regard to dogs. We have no experience yet with regard to horses. It can, however, be assumed that side and after-effects of biting lice, such as itching, can be alleviated by the pine heartwood ingredient in any case. A customer who wanted to try the extract as a natural alternative is waiting for warmer temperatures due to the fact that she keeps her horses in an open stable. The best would be - have a go yourself.

15.02.2010 15:36


Dear Herr Wilms
I would like to know, if there is any experience with PinusFauna for biting lice infestation of horses.
Kind regards

11.02.2010 09:30

Hermann Berghegger

Dear Herr Wilms
We got to know and appreciate your products.
My wife had suffered from gingivitis for months and no doctor had been able to help her. Since she rinsed her mouth with your extract, the gingivitis has been healing well. Furthermore, I bought your pine wood mattress topper, as I had always sweated heavily in bed. That does not happen any more. What is even greater is that I do not wake up with a backache anymore. We spray our roses with your PinusFloris against aphids and mildew, and have been successful here, too.
I am full of enthusiasm for your products.
Kind regards
Hermann Berghegger

18.12.2009 10:36

Wilms HygienicWood Team

Dear Herr Plaß
Thank you for your thread.
As you ay know, our extract has already been tested for its effect on influenza viruses:
Surely, the application of skin gel and care water will not do any damage. Our products can certainly have a supporting effect – especially when travelling.
Best regards
Wilms HygienicWood Team

11.12.2009 10:47

Günther Plaß

Are PinusVital skin gel and care water suitable as preventive and protective agents against the infection with swine flu when having skin contact? Can it be seen as a substitute for hand washing when travelling?

09.11.2009 11:15

M-Th. Zilling

Dear Herr Bösmann
The black flies time is over, our two ponies ‘breathe again’.
Both horses survived the summertime better than the previous year, when we tried to fight the sweet itch with oils. They did not get any bald patches. The itching was obviously reduced so that they did not rub their fur so vehemently. I am very happy about that, and would consequently like to already order 5 more litres for next year.
Kind regards
M-Th. Zilling

13.10.2009 08:42

Anne Körner

Dear Wilms Team
I would like to give you the feedback that I am really full with enthusiasm for the effect of your products. I would not have believed, let alone expected that a natural product could have such an effect in a very short time. I use the lotion and water mainly for my scalp, which is very dry and flaky. Meanwhile, that has already improved greatly. Also, the structure of my hair feels more stable. That means a lot to me, as I suffer from thin hair.
Now, I look very much forward to crystal salt and toothpaste. That is, because I also suffer from periodontitis and hope that I will find here at least some alleviation.
Kind regards
Anne Körner

21.09.2009 11:48

Dr. Chris Wollenberg

Hello Mr. Boesmann,

before I decided to sell your PineVital bio-products in my shop, I wanted to test them (like all of the products in my shop) first. My husband has had eczema on his scalp, face and chest for many years. No natural remedies worked and we did not want to try any “healthy chemicals” such as cortisone.

We decided to apply the PineVital gel on his chest and the PineVital Liquid Care on his scalp and face.

We were happily surprised when his skin improved after a few days. After consistent application for four weeks, his eczema had completely disappeared! I cannot describe how astonished and happy we are!

I have lip herpes so when I noticed a sore forming, I applied PineVital and it prevented a breakout! Not even Aciclovir has been able to deliver such results!

I have happily listed the Wilms products on my Web site, and use it in our wellness studio for foot care.

Thank you very much,
Dr. Chris Wollenberg

10.08.2009 14:34

Heidi Berghegger

Dear Wilms Team!

Because of my ongoing gingival inflammation after I had a crown put in, a friend recommended your pine heartwood extract for gargling.

I had bad inflammation so I started rinsing my mouth after each meal and then twice daily. This completely took away my symptoms! I am so thankful for the extract which left me pain-free!

I am very grateful for this product and am already looking forward to your toothpaste!

Many Thanks,

Heidi Berghegger

07.08.2009 13:50

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