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Heinrich Sperling, Management State Horticultural

Dear Herr Wilms
Dear Herr Raabe
We should like to thank you on behalf of the State Horticultural Show and its visitors for the Pinasol you provided us with for atomisation in the brine arena. Refilling, too, works out wonderfully. Atomisation of Pinasol goes down extremely well with our guests. If the atomisation of Pinasol is discontinued for maintenance reasons, visitors immediately report that, and ask when it will start again. Meanwhile, even a little community has developed which regularly comes into the brine arena in order to inhale and enjoy the scent. Thank you for your support and for giving the State Horticultural Show the opportunity to offer this very special attraction.
Kind regards
Heinrich Sperling

02.07.2010 14:45

Sigrid Oberbremer Company Oberbremer

Dear Sir or Madam
We have extensively used the plant strengthening agent PinusFloris, provided by you, in various plant cultures. Experiments were carried out on the following plants, such as currants, gooseberries, blueberries and also on tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, but above all on roses. We put 20 evenly fertilized specimens of each plant in a greenhouse. 10 specimens were sprayed with PinusFloris once a week. We sprayed the agent from the shortest possible distance on all green parts of the plant. Before long, we could state a positive change in the appearance of the plants. The leaf colour was more intensive and the growth stronger. During the entire summer, the treated plants were not infested with fungi or pests. The situation for the untreated plants was as follows. The roses got mildew and black spot. Cucumbers and tomatoes had to be disposed of prematurely. All untreated plants were infested with pests. Additionally we sprayed ‘PinusFloris‘ on pest-infested field-grown roses. Here, too, an immediate effect could be noticed. Due to the practical experience with positive results, we will continue to use the plant strengthening agent ‚PinusFloris‘ and can only recommend its use.
Kind regards
Sigrid Oberbremer

30.06.2010 12:04

Peter Weymar

Dear Herr Wilms
During my visit at the State Horticultural Show in Bad Essen, I was approached by a gentleman directly behind the entrance. Your co-worker, Herr Berghegger showed me your products and explained them in an interesting, competent and conscientious manner. His biological knowledge convinced me as a retired biology teacher, so that I took toothpaste with me for testing. I had just finished a week of dental and gingival treatment and was still feeling some discomfort after a week. After I had used the toothpaste recommended by Herrn Berghegger every day, I was free of symptoms after a short while. I will continue to use your toothpaste regularly, just to be successful at keeping my teeth free from tartar.
Kind regards also to your friendly Herrn Berghegger
Peter Weymar

24.06.2010 14:08

Annette Steube-Lehmann

Dear Sir or Madam
Many thanks for your message. I would like to add my experience with my Shorthair bitch’s tick bites. If the place of puncture is treated with PinusFauna after removal of the tick, it will not show any reddening or swelling. Moreover, I found out that mosquitoes will not attack me during my garden work, when I have sprayed my arms. PinusFauna – good for animals and humans!
Kind regards
Annette Steube-Lehmann

16.06.2010 12:34

Susanne Berkemeyer

Dear HygienicWood Team
Again and again, my new seeding was destroyed by a fungus. After a short while, the little plants became mushy and collapsed. Now I spray them with PinusFloris and also water them with it from time to time. All seedlings show fantastic growth and no signs of illnesses. This is what I will always do from now on.
Our guinea pigs, too, were infested with a mycosis (fungus). Hair fell out in some places. We simply filled PinusFauna in a little spray bottle and sprayed the animals every day with it. Now the fungi-infested areas have disappeared, and fur is growing again. As guinea pigs are particularly sensitive animals, this is a great success. I am really thrilled.
Best regards
Susanne Berkemeyer from Bad Essen

02.06.2010 12:31

Katharina Karow

Dear HygienicWood Team
I have been using PinusFauna spray with my two dogs for a couple of weeks. And I must say I am absolutely enthusiastic. It is not only a care product, but also keeps the major part of pests away. I am not a fan of chemical tick products at all, and therefore followed a tip and tried PinusFauna. Thus, the tick infestation of my dogs decreased to a minimum. My dogs are also widely protected from annoying mosquitoes and other pests now. Just spray briefly before each walk and there you are. The dogs are not bothered by the spray at all. With the support of PinusFauna, I also managed to get a grip on the skin fungus of my bitch fairly quickly. Recommendable in any case.

25.05.2010 14:06

Elke Adam

Dear Herr Wilms
This morning I talked to the managing director of a stud. She explicitly confirmed again that Wilms PinusFauna had had an incredible effect on

a) Thrush: Every day she injects 10-20 ml directly into the hoof rot infested area of the frog by means of a small disposable syringe. After 3-4 days, the hoof hardens completely and is fully healed.
Alternatively, the rot patch is plugged with a soaked cloth over night, which is changed again the following day.

b) Insect protection: Combing out thoroughly and spraying the mane once serves as insect protection for about a week (according to her statements).
A big swollen tick bite took just 12 hours to disappear completely.

With kind regards

Elke Adam (Dipl. Ing. agr.)

18.05.2010 20:15

Wilms HygienicWood Team

Dear Frau Seibel-Hohrein
We have not had any experience yet with regard to protection from tick bites for dogs. Maybe the wood aroma keeps ticks and their relatives away from the animal for a short time; a lasting effect, however, cannot be expected. Our products are ideal for treating the symptoms (itching, swellings and inflammations), not so much for repelling pests. We hope that we could help you with the information provided and are looking forward to hearing from you again.
Best regards
Wilms Team

19.03.2010 11:52

Sabine Seibel-Hohrein

I have already purchased several Wilms products and have been extremely satisfied so far. Has anyone had any experience with regard to tick prevention, especially for dogs and cats? I would be very pleased, if I could get some information.
Sabine Seibel-Hohrein

18.03.2010 16:10

Gabi Lampe - Animal Care Melle

Hello dear HygienicWood Team
Meanwhile we have tested many products and are convinced. At the beginning the toothpaste takes some getting used to with regard to colour and taste, but it is really good for teeth and gums. The sleeping mat is too hard for my husband, I sleep very well on it. But the best of all is PinusFauna. We sprayed our St Lucia Amazon with it. The bird had had problems with its plumage for almost a year. The breast was covered with just grey down. We had changed the food, treated it for mites, nothing helped. Then we sprayed it with PinusFauna and only a week later it looked, as if the quills would break open. The plumage followed so quickly, it was hard to believe. I will send you some “Before – after photos”. We now regularly spray our parrots and also cats and dogs with dull coats and irritated skin or itching. The spray also helps very well against small burns. Thus, blisters do not even develop.

23.02.2010 22:10

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