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Günter Berger

Dear Mr. Rucho,

Thank you! My wife and I participated in the testing of the Wilms Hygienic Bed Mats. After three months of sleeping on one, I thought I’d share our experience.

The first night the Mat gave me a pleasant, cool feeling as the scent of pine wood soothed me. I felt right at home sleeping on my mat and would miss it now if I didn’t have it.

After about 3 months of sleeping on the mat, my wife and I agree that we’ll never sleep again without it.

For the future, I wish you continued innovative ideas.

Until then I wish you health and success.

10.03.2008 10:14

Lothar Bode

Dear Mr. Wilms,

Since I’ve been sleeping on the Hygienic Wood Bed Mat, I don’t toss and turn as much in my sleep. Also, the temperature is cooled in the summer months. I no longer sweat in bed.

I wish you much success with your environmentally friendly products.


Lothar Bode

02.02.2008 15:14

heike heewerth

Hello Mr. Wilms,

Thank you for the Hygienic Wood Mats for our Qi Gong Yoga courses. All participants (Heike, Hildegard, Karen,
Elizabeth, Rita, Almut, Inge, Hela, Manuela) were enthusiastic about the softer stance on the mats and the cool feeling it gave to their feet.

Sincerely yours,

Heike Heewerth

05.01.2008 21:28

Ulrike Uhlemann

Dear Mr. Wilms,

As I already mentioned in our conversation, I’d like to express how much I’ve enjoyed the Wilms Bed Mat. Without it, I feel there is something missing. In the summer months I particularly appreciate the temperature difference it provides. I find that it keeps me cool on those hot nights.

I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.


Ulrike Uhlemann

10.12.2007 07:24


Dear Mr. Wilms!
I would like to thank you for the products that you sent to me. All three have served me well:
- Wilms Hygienic Bath Mat: my wife and I didn’t have to worry about getting foot fungus while on vacation.
- Wilms Hygienic Wood Mat (Premium Mattress edition): my back pain is significantly lessened.
- PineVital (liquid): by regularly rubbing my shoulder with it, my rheumatic elbow pain has been reduced.

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. H.B.Müller-Schwenn

08.11.2007 14:28

Dirk Fronhoff

Despite initial skepticism, I can say the Wilms Bed Mat really works - my sleeping habits have improved remarkably. Many thanks!

06.11.2007 16:54

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