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Hygienic Wood Chips
Loose chips - 10L
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Healthy flooring material

Extremely absorbent, antibacterial, odor-neutralizing and dust-free. Hygienic Wood chips provide a unique opportunity to protect falcons from pathogens and keep their aviaries a healthy, pleasant environment.

The Hygienic Wood chips are small, creating more surface area for moisture to be absorbed. When moisture is absorbed, so are germs and bacteria.

Recent studies show that pine heartwood in particular is resistant to bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses. Through the patented process, these features are then intensified.

The benefits of Hygienic Wood chips:
  • Antibacterial and germ-reducing
  • Effective against Aspergillus & Pododermatitis
  • Extremely absorbant
  • Dust-free
  • Odor-neutralizing

Tested and confirmed

A scientific study done by the German Institute for Food Technologies in Quakenbrück, Germany determined to what extent Wilms Hygienic Wood chips have an impact on an animal’s health. They compared the use of pine heartwood chips as a flooring material against typically used materials. The results show a tremendous antibacterial effect. An excerpt from the study states: "The level of bacteria on pine heartwood chips was more than two powers of ten smaller than the conventional flooring material." The German Institute for Food Technologies also recently tested the heartwood chips with Aspergillus, finding that they are resistant to this fungus!

Here are the summaries of the studies:

  • Wilms Hygienic Wood Useful against Aspergillosis?, 2009 Summary
  • Wilms Hygienic Wood against foot diseases Summary

This antibacterial, antifungal effect gives Hygienic Wood the advantage of having a significant influence on the health of falcons. The use of Wilms Hygienic Wood when bringing up falcons improves their well-being significantly. Besides the reduction of bacteria and fungi, it also has a positive influence on the indoor environment of the aviary. Through all of these positive effects of the wood, falcons are much healthier and require less medical intervention.

Application and packaging

The wood chips can be spread around the floor of the aviary. The chips are dust-free making them appealing to falconers and the falcons themselves. As you need, chips can be added and removed. The floor will always stay clean with fresh chips on top!

The wood chips are available in container sizes of 10L, 100L and 1,000L. If necessary, the chips can be delivered in other quantities. To order, just contact us.

We will be happy to give you an individual and non-binding offer:


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