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Stay Germ Free on the Job

The office is a safe haven for viruses and other parasites. Coughing and sneezing help to spread germs and people eating at their desks also contribute to the problem. Coworkers often share pens, computers or even entire workstations, making the transfer of germs quick and easy.

According to a current investigation of American microbiologists, an average computer workstation exhibits more bacteria than most other everyday items - even toilet seats!

Since most of the items on an office desk are made of plastic, germs and pathogens multiply particularly well.

For this reason, we have developed products for the workplace out of Wilms® Hygienic Wood. This creates a naturally pure environment while on the job.


  • Reduces Germs and Bacteria in the Workplace
  • Creates a Cozy Atmosphere with the Soothing Aroma of Pine

Hygienic Products for your Office:

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