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Hello Heiner,

I used PineVital Liquid Care on my leg after surgery and the wound healed very quickly. I have since used it for itchy, flaky skin which is completely relieved and on skin spots which have been significantly reduced.

I drink a sip of it every morning too!

Hans Michael

30.07.2009 19:47

Kirsten Perk

Your product Pine Fauna has convinced us. We actually bought it for our horse, but now the whole family is using it for skin problems. It’s a sweeping success!

Thank you very much!

22.07.2009 08:43

Conny Rutsch

Dear Mr. Wilms, I thought maybe you’d enjoy hearing about my experience. Yesterday I got a bad horsefly bite. I put some Wilms gel on it and immediately it felt better. The pain was taken right away, it no longer itched. Today I can’t even remember where exactly it was.

Until next time, Conny Rutsch

21.07.2009 09:13

Frau G. aus Wittenberg

I found out about your PineVital Gel through my doctor. After years of unsuccessfully treating my fungus with a strong medication, I was totally surprised when the gel helped immediately! I could not believe it! Now I would like to start using your other products too. Thank you!

06.07.2009 13:48

Susanne Lewandowski

Last year I cared for my horse using the PineFauna extract because she had a very bad case of summer eczema. I am highly satisfied with your product. I had previously tried combating summer eczema with other products, but your pine heartwood extract has brought far better results.
Sincerely, Susanne Lewandowski

30.06.2009 09:06

Claudia Rapp

I have used a leading acne treatment system for over 7 years, I always thought it was one of the best product for skin problems. It works very well but I believe that my skin got used to it and don’t have the same effect on me now. Kristina (Representative Los Angeles) gave me a sample of the 100% natural PINE soap in early March. I LOVE IT, my skin has changed a lot. It is all cleared up and it feels smooth and fresh. I will highly recommend it to anybody. It really works and it’s a 100% NATURAL!! I am sooo happy! THANK YOU!

Claudia Rapp, Los Angeles, CA

27.04.2009 09:22

Martin Schröder

Dear Mr. Wilms,

A friend of mine suggested that I try your bed mat to relieve my mite allergy symptoms. I’ve been sleeping on it now for 5 months and am very satisfied. I will continue use the Wilms Bed Mat now on a permanent basis.

13.04.2009 23:00

Markus Kaptain

Dear Mr. Wilms

I have slept for several weeks now on your Bed Mat. In the first night already, I had noticed significant changes. My sleep was much deeper and my sinuses (irritated by allergies) were calmed. Also, I was able to significantly lower and quiet breath. The sleeping mat has me convinced.

30.03.2009 08:57

Gisela Tewes

Dear Mr. Boesmann,
Thank you for your New Year's greetings. Happy New Year to you too! I want to say thanks again for the great products. My skin is so nice that even my beautician noticed a difference.
I have never used a product that was able to eliminate impurities on my skin like PineVital can. Even my neurodermatitis is under control.
I will be bringing a sample of PineVital to my beautician. She wants to keep a sample of it and a brochure for her clients. I will write again with my positive experiences from your other products!
Thank you so much and I look forward to further developments! Sincerely, Gisela Tewes
P.S. The soap too - a dream!

09.03.2009 07:49

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. H. B. Müller-Schwenn

Dear Mr. Wilms!
After about 2 years of using your "hygienic products" because of the effects of the natural pine heartwood, I would now like to report how they have worked in reference to the following products:
1.) Hygienic Mats as Bed and Bath Mats
2.) PineVital Nourishing Gel
3.) PineVital Natural Soap
4.) PineVital Liquid

With products 2), 3) and 4) the itching on my skin (hands, scalp, arms and legs) has been 90% removed;
Product 1) eliminated my Athlete's Foot and removed germs and bacteria from my bed, which I attribite to my now more restful sleep;
Product 4), when used in washing machine water gives clothes a nice feel which is noticeable during wear.
This could all be regarded as individual successes, but when looked at alongside the current sales figures and after inspection of the relevant laboratory reports and test results, I am convinced that Wilms Hygienic products will only have continued success in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Bernhard Müller-Schwenn

05.03.2009 12:21

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