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PinusFauna Camel Shampoo

Special type of shampoo from Bad Essen for valuable Arab racing camels

Valuable racing camels need special care. So, what could be more suitable than a shampoo that makes use of the health promoting properties of pine heartwood.

PinusFauna camel shampoo is free of additives and specifically developed to meet the needs of the sensitive skin of camels, which are extremely valuable in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and sold at exorbitant prices. That is why no care can be too extensive.

Some weeks ago, during the „3rd International Invention Fair of the Middle East“ in Kuwait Heinrich Wilms was impressively shown the high esteem which his care product from northern Germany already enjoys in the Arab world. In the course of this trade fair, which was organised by the Kuwait Science Club, Wilms was awarded the gold medal for his development by Sheik Sabah Al-Ahmad Al Jaher Al Sabah himself. This development obviously impressed camel owners in the Gulf region very much. Contacts between the innovative entrepreneur Wilm from the Osnabrück region and sovereigns and camel owners in the UAE were established by Birgit Kemphues, connoisseur of the Emirates and an acknowledged expert for the Arab world who wrote relevant books on this topic. „Camels represent an important economic factor in the Gulf region, both in racing and in breeding. The sensitive and intensively bred animals are washed at least three times per week.“ When Birgit Kemphues learnt from her Arab business partners how difficult it was to find a suitable shampoo for the camels, her contact to Heinrich Wilms from Bad Essen came into play. The resourceful developer already offered a product called PinusFauna, whose watery extract extracts the effective ingredients from pine wood. It can be very effectively applied in cases of mite attacks, skin impurities, insect bites and stings and other irritations. Consistent further development provided a shampoo which is ideally tailored to meet the particular needs of valuable Arab camels.

After the Bad Essen product had also been certified by the renowned German Institute for Food Technology in Quakenbrück, Birgit Kemphues arranged a four week test of the camel shampoo at the farm of the well known camel breeder Qualis, who owns more than 350 valuable animals in the Emirates. The test was scientifically accompanied by the University of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with which Birgit Kemphues has good and frequent contacts as a lecturer and consul. After the extremely positive experience with this test and a corresponding evaluation through the UAE, the Bad Essen shampoo is to be professionally marketed throughout the entire Arab world.

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