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Organic Falcon Country House

Premiere of the Organic Falcon Country House

At the Festival of Falconry in Reading (UK) on July 11th and 12th, the Wilms Hygienic Wood team presented their new, state of the art falcon aviary. The interest in this aviary and in the scientific research behind it was enormous. Enthusiasts from around the world visited to find out more about the Wilms concept for improving the health and living conditions of falcons.

The Hygienic Wood Aviary was presented to an international crowd. The nine-person Wilms team spoke with falconers from around the world as they came to get a peek at the newest concept in falcon health and housing. Not only the aviary itself was of great interest, but also the Hygienic Wood chip mats that serve as an antibacterial, antifungal surface and air filter. These mats also naturally regulate the temperature inside the aviary. "The falconers who entered our aviary were astounded by the pleasant atmosphere the wood created. Of special interest were the Hygienic Wood chip mats which make up the walls, floor and ceiling. They were integrated because of their health-promoting ingredients - which you really notice. And the falcons of course notice it too!"

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The Aviary

The Hygienic Wood Aviary is a new, improved way to ensure the health of falcons naturally, based on the effects of pine heartwood. The construction and furnishings of the aviary are made from pine heartwood logs and specially created pine heartwood chip mats.

Through the active ingredients of pine heartwood, the risk of Aspergillosis and Pododermatitis are significantly reduced – solving two major problems of falcons in captivity. More about the research results here.

More detailed information on the Falcon Aviary: Information Kit

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