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DIHAD Dubai International Exhibition

DIHAD Dubai International Exhibition!

DUBAI – Along with exhibitors and visitors from all over the globe, the Wilms company took part in the 6th annual DIHAD ( Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development) Convention and Exhibition from the 7th – 9th of April, 2009.

This year’s DIHAD theme was “Empowering Communities: From Disaster to Development”. Heinrich Wilms, CEO of Wilms Hygienic Wood, said “We expected that the organizations with worldwide experience – the UN, Red Cross, Red Crescent, etc. could pinpoint where help is needed. Their first concern was health care in countries where you don’t find medical facilities on every corner like we’re accustomed to.

Another major focus was healthy food production, specifically fish and poultry.” The latter fit well into the theme of the Wilms booth as one main attraction was a new model of a zero emissions chicken stall. It demonstrates a natural way of raising far healthier chickens using pine heartwood. “At our booth, we cooperated with Born Aquaculture to find solutions through technology in the form of marketable natural products.”

But agriculture wasn’t the only focus. The Wilms company also presented a variety of skincare products and other health-related items. “The excitement to try our new products was so great that by the end of the 2nd Day, we were running out of samples and brochures! We were happy to have the opportunity to explain our new products and were excited by the visitors’ enthusiasm.”

The Wilms products are all 100% natural and made of pine heartwood which is antibacterial and anti-fungal in nature. There is a wide variety of products ranging from a germ-resistant extract of the wood to anti-fungal, mite-resistant mats for the bed and bath.

“Many thanks to our crew and to the many visitors who frequented our booth!”

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